Surrender a Weimaraner or Other Breed Dog

Review the surrender process and fee to surrender a Weimaraner or other breed of dog to Lifeline Dog Rescue.

The surrender a dog process and fee to surrender a Weimaraner or other breed of dog to Lifeline Dog Rescue is the best way to ensure proper care in the best interests of your dog. Personal or other circumstances can disrupt the lifetime commitment and responsibilities of caring for a dog.

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Losing your dog is a heartbreaking event, and that we understand, yet a surrender to Lifeline Dog Rescue presents an opportunity to provide details about your dog for a new adoptive parent. Dogs dumped on the street, given away to strangers, or surrendered to animal control are at risk of injury or death by accident or euthanasia.

Avoid those risks to your loyal companion’s future. Review the adoption process above to better understand how we qualify a potential adoption family to provide the best environment to adjust and live a new life.

The surrender fee is $100 which only covers a small portion of the time and expense we assume to properly match your dog to a qualified new family.

Special Note: If your dog was acquired from a breeder, you may want to check the possibility that the breeder is willing to accept the surrender of dogs they sold back into their care.

Surrender a Dog Form Link, and Important Note

When providing information to submit the surrender a dog request form it is imperative to provide complete and accurate responses.

The additional owner statement to certify facts about your dog will ensure that no issues exist that would prevent successful placement of your dog for adoption.

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