Adopt a Weimaraner or Other Breed Dog

Visitors should first review our adoption process steps if interested in adopting a Weimaraner or other breed of dog. The dogs available for adoption from Lifeline Dog Rescue arrive from individuals, public shelters, dog foster groups, and other private dog rescue organizations.

weimaraner and ball jack russell mix dog weimaraner at lake weim and spaniel mix

You are welcome to complete our Adoption Request Dog Rescue Form even if you do not find an exact match on our website listing the type of dog you want to adopt. We may have unlisted dogs still in evaluation, as well as connections with public and private rescue groups to locate and pull suitable dogs ready to adopt.

Dog Adoption Process Steps

The following dog adoption process steps are a general guide for a successful adoption through Lifeline Dog Rescue. Exceptions may be made, yet from experience these provide the best opportunity to match dogs into their forever home.

1. View our listings of dogs available for adoption and note the name and breed that interests you. If none, you may still proceed to step 2, and when completing our online form enter the preferred breed, gender, and age you want in the field entitled “Name of Lifeline Dog Rescue dog you want to adopt”.

2. Complete our Adoption Request Dog Rescue Form to apply for adopting a specific rescue dog from Lifeline Dog Rescue, or provide details if you want us to do a search. The online form is transmitted electronically to us for review.

3. After intital review of your adoption application form, a volunteer from Lifeline Dog Rescue will contact you by phone to confirm your information, and perhaps offer any advice as necessary. Be aware that there is a $250-$400 adoption fee depending on the age, gender, and breed you choose which represents a small portion of our actual costs.

4. With a full understanding of your obligations for the dog you want to adopt, we will next contact your veterinarian reference, if any, and place a conditional hold on the dog you request. If specifying a breed, gender, and age different from dogs currently available, we will perform a search within our network for a suitable dog.

5. An in person home check will be performed by a Lifeline Dog Rescue staff member or volunteer before we proceed to the next step. Depending on location and schedules of both parties an alternative may be a drive by home check for a general idea of the adopted dog’s new home.

6. Next, a volunteer or staff member will then contact you to schedule an appointment to meet the dog you selected. We suggest bringing your family including other dogs, if any, to allow all to interact and get to know each other.

7. If you and your family then decide to adopt that dog, and all veterinary care is done including spay or neuter, we complete the paperwork, you remit the fee, and you take your new canine family member home. In rare instances there may be circumstances as mentioned that require a temporary hold for final shots or spay/neuter. That and the timing will be explained up front when scheduling the appointment.

Out of State Adopters: Please note we do not ship or transport to adopters. You must be able to pick up your dog at our location once adoption is approved.

We reserve the right to reject requests for adoption that in our opinion may be contrary to the best interests of our dogs or our standards for appropriate care. As one example, a Weimaraner is not suited for a condo or apartment lifestyle though some of our other breeds might be just perfect for you.

If you are considering a Weimaraner, we suggest anyone unfamiliar with the breed do prior research to consider the size, needs, and level of energy of Weimaraners.

The decision to adopt any dog should not be taken lightly. As a rescue dog parent you should be prepared to commit 10 to 15 years of time and money for your new companion, and up to 20 years for a smaller dog.

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