Four New Weims for Adoption

Lifeline is pleased to add 4 new weims for adoption including males Baloo, Cody, and Mawgli plus female Trudy.

weims baloo cody mawgli trudy collage

Male Weimaraners Baloo, Cody, Mawgli (7, 5 and 4 yrs old) and Female Weimaraner Trudy (4 yrs old).

Follow those links for more details, plus each page lists all current Weimaraners available for adoption by gender.

Lifeline Dog Rescue is Weimaraner breed specific, yet we feature other purebred and mixed breed dogs ready to adopt.

Availability status includes evaluation, hold, and ready to adopt or “adoption pending”. Apply now regardless of status.

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More Dogs for Adoption

More dogs for adoption were added including 3 Weimaraners, 1 Weimaraner mix, and a purebred female English Bulldog.

5 new dogs for adoption

Meet Grady (top L), Magnolia (top R), Li Li (Center), Rocky (lower L) and Schaden (lower R)

Grady is a 2 year old male Weimaraner-Lab mix, and Magnolia is a 4 year old female purebred English Bulldog.

Li Li is female Weimaraner puppy. Rocky is a 1 year old male Weim and Schaden a 6 year old female Weimaraner.

Please help Lifeline promote forever homes for our newest furbabies by telling family or friends and sharing online.

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9 Additional Dogs for Adoption

View the latest intakes of available dogs including nine additional dogs for adoption from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

9 dogs for adoption collage

Left to right (top row) are Lovebug, Bella, Isa and Stormy, then (bottom) Winnie, Bedford, Smallville, Vega and Ari.

The pace keeping up with rescue updates has been hectic lately over the summer with the move to our new facility.

The 9 intakes include 8 Weimaraners, 4 male and 4 female, plus Lovebug – a female Terrier Mix with an adorable smile!

Male Weimaraner Vega is 3 and a purebred Mark Of The Hound, and female Weimaraner Winnie is 8 years old, and deaf.

Please help by sharing the Lifeline website and Facebook page to help us find forever homes and make room for more!

If you have interest, or know of foster parents to join our dog foster network, please view our dog foster page.

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New Arrivals Listed for Adoption

Welcome Lifeline Dog Rescue four new arrivals listed for adoption named Indie, Moose, River, and Gunner.

indie moose river gunner collage

Indie is a female Lab Mix, 9 months old. She is a new arrival in evaluation. View our female mix dogs here.

Moose and River are male Lab Retrievers, 18 months and 6 months old. Moose is HW+. River is ready to adopt.

Visit our Other Male Purebred Dogs for adoption to learn more, or view other purebred dogs available, too.

Gunner is a 2 year old male Weimaraner in evaluation. View Gunner and other male Weims for adoption here.

You may apply to adopt any of our dogs listed whether in evaluation or hold. Learn more about adopting here.

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Lifeline Dog Rescue Headquarters

As of July 2016, Lifeline Dog Rescue headquarters moved to a larger property at 1932 N Watkins Pt, Inverness FL 34453.

2016 lifeline property collage

Lifeline Dog Rescue, Where Dogs Learn to Smile Again

This graphic shows some of our dogs enjoying the freedom to roam, explore, and play while socializing with other dogs.

Our 501c3 organization includes our Florida headquarters, plus a wide network of fosters throughout the southeast USA.

Visitor and Adopter Information

Dog rescue involves a hectic schedule and reacting at times with urgency, so visitors are welcome by appointment only.

Adoption applicants must meet with dogs in person. Dogs for adoption may be here, with a Florida foster, or out-of-state.

Our site has forms with information and instructions for people interested in either dog adoption, surrender, or foster.

Note: The Lifeline contact page has been updated with the new address. The contact number 863-582-2150 has not changed.

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Adopted Dogs Angel, Kash, Aurie

Lifeline purebred Pointer Angel and Weims Kash and Aurie were adopted as of June 2016, and are enjoying life in new forever homes.

adopted dogs angel, kash, and aurie

Forever home photos Angel, Kash and Aurie

Thanks to all the new adoptive guardians for finding room in the hearts and homes for our precious purebred furbabies.

We certainly appreciate the photographs and occasional updates, too! Happy tails to Angel, Kash and Aurie!

Update: Lifeline Dog Rescue moved to a larger property in late June 2016, and we’re catching up on updates here and on Facebook.

We moved a half dozen dogs from evaluation, so please visit our Directory of Dogs for Adoption to select by breed and gender.

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Adoption, Intakes and Status Updates

The following summarizes recent Lifeline Dog Rescue activity including recent adoptions, new intakes, and status changes.

8 rescue dogs photo collage

Daisy Mae, Oliver, Izzy, Naomi, Buddy, Byron, Rylee, Shadow

Adoptions, Female and Male Weims

Status: Adopted, Daisy Mae and Oliver to the same forever home.

New Intakes, Senior Female Weims

Status: Evaluation Hold (medical), Izzy and Naomi, senior Weims.

Ready or Adoption Pending

Status: Ready (available now), Buddy (Lab) and Byron (Bulldog)
Status: Ready (adoption pending), Rylee (Weim) and Shadow (Lab)

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Dog Rescue Merry-Go-Round

The dog rescue merry-go-round at Lifeline keeps turning with two new intakes and two happy tails stories.

walter, byron, skylar, and star

Left to right are new dog intakes Walter and Byron, plus recent happy tails adopted dogs Skylar and Star.

Walter is an 18 month old male Weimaraner held in evaluation, yet we accept applications for adoption now.

As of June 2016, skin treatments of this gentle giant have been successful, and he will be available soon.

Byron, a 5 year old male English Bulldog, was a stray pulled from a public shelter with minor health issues.

Interested adopters MUST have prior EBD breed experience and will be vetted by our Bulldog rescue partner.

Female Weimaraner Skylar was adopted early in June 2016. Read more and view photos on her Facebook post here.

Female Shep-Rottie Mix Star went to her new forever home, as well. View photos and details on Facebook, too.

A huge thank you to our adopters for giving these Lifeline dogs forever homes! Happy Tails to Skylar and Star!

Our dog rescue merry-go-round never stops in pursuit of happiness. Lifeline – Where Dogs Learn to Smile Again!

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Female and Male Weim Adoptions

Lifeline Dog Rescue are pleased to announce two more Weimaraners have forever homes with one each female and male Weim adoptions.

weims heidi and orion blu parents

Female Weimaraner Heidi (left) and male Weimaraner Orion Blu (right) are already settling in with their new families and homes.

Our staff cry tears of sadness each time rescue dogs leave, yet they are tears of joy for our furbabies finding a forever home.

Special thanks to the adopters, and props to our wonderful foster parents, for helping us write two more happy tails stories.

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Senior Weim Severely Injured

Lifeline urgently needs donations for medical care of Izzy, a senior Weimaraner severely injured and then surrendered to us.

female weimaraner izzy injuries

Izzy, has injuries to all parts of her body, head to tail.

Izzy is a female 11 year old senior Weimaraner and was viciously attacked by another Weimaraner, Great Dane, and a Pitbull.

Yes. Three large dogs against one senior Weim with injuries all over her body. Her initial surgery was Wednesday May 25, 2016.

For now, please visit the Help Senior Weim Izzy story for details, or go directly to our donations page to donate now!

We are a 501c3 charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

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