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Read 10 month old Weim puppy Pollo rescue news, surgery updates, plus links to donate for her recovery from life threatening injuries.

female weimaraner pollo resting

Pollo, pronounced POH-yoh and meaning “chicken” in Spanish, is shown outdoors the day after jaw surgery on Nov 14, 2014 with more surgery to come.

Broken Jaw, Teeth, Pelvis, Tail, and Eye Socket

The horror for this sweet and innocent female Weimaraner puppy began November 10, 2014 when she was found near death by her owners.

Her owner took Pollo for emergency care where x-rays revealed a broken jaw, teeth, tail, and broken pelvis (5 places), and fractured eye socket.

The owner could not bear $5000 plus in medical costs. The choices were find a rescue to cover urgent care before morning, or euthanization.

Lifeline said “yes” that night when asked if we could help, and Pollo ownership was transferred to us.

The response from the worldwide community has been tremendous. The prognosis for Pollo’s full recovery is very optimistic.

*Note: The authorities completed a formal investigation and concluded “hit by car” as the cause of her injuries. Our focus here is to report on Pollo.

Meanwhile, please read more about how you can help Pollo, her status updates, and then share this page with friends and family, too! Thanks!

Ways to Support Weim Puppy Pollo

Central Florida Weimaraner & Dog Rescue, Inc. dba Lifeline Dog Rescue is an IRS 501c3 tax deductible charity.

How to Make a Tax Deductible Donation

1. Donate directly to us with PayPal, credit card, or e-Check using the button above, and specify “Pollo” in remarks.

* Note: You do not need a PayPal account. Select the other options then choose Amex, Discover, MC, Visa, or e-Check.

2. Donate by check payable to Central Florida Weimaraner & Dog Rescue, Inc., mailed to 237 Whittier Street, Davenport, FL 33896 USA.

Products, Auctions, and Events for Pollo

T-shirt ($16) from Weimlover who have created a #POLLOSTRONG tshirt. They will donate $2 for every shirt sold.

Register at iGive.com at http://www.igive.com/9pUjvDo This is a win-win for Lifeline fans. Zero cost to you. Retailers you shop then donate a portion, too!

Surgery and Health Status Updates

This section is a summary of surgery and health status updates for Pollo the Weimaraner to keep her fans current on recovery milestones.
*Note: Some entries include a link to “Details” with more insight documented in person at that point in time.

10 Nov 2014 – Arrived at Veterinary Healthcare Associates, Winter Haven FL, in very critical condition. Surrendered by owner due to cost.
WARNING: This link includes GRAPHIC PICTURES of blood and injuries to Pollo (plus details of the initial evaluation). Details

10 Nov 2014 – Vet called us for possible transfer. We met Pollo that same night and authorized all necessary care to save her life.

11 Nov 2014 – Long morning of x-rays and tests to determine the extent of her injuries. Met with local news crews to tell her story. Details

12 Nov 2014 – Pollo remains in 24/7 critical care on pain meds and i.v. feeding, and gaining strength in preparation for surgery.

13 Nov 2014 – Pollo is responsive, ate, drank some, and stood briefly. Pain meds decreased as prep for anesthesia and surgery. Details

14 Nov 2014 – Surgery this morning took 4 hours. Doing well, yet will require a series of surgeries. Rest and recovery weekend. Details

15 Nov 2014 – Post-op visit and report by Lifeline associate Wendy Nash Miller. Pollo ate (2 bowls of food!) and walked a little. Details

16 Nov 2014 – Pollo is awake, alert, and lively. Still resting from jaw surgery. Doing well. Did her business outside for once! Details

16 Nov 2014 – BONUS! Lifeline partner Denise Ridgeon took video of Pollo when she went outside. Follow this link to watch Pollo! Details

17 Nov 2014 – Pollo continues to rest and gain strength. Her back, pelvis, and tail surgeries are pending but not scheduled.

18 Nov 2014 – Pollo walked a few steps again today. Jaw is healing well. Doctors took more xrays and will evaluate progress. Details

19 Nov 2014 – Doing well and more energetic. Visited by Weim owner and Pollo fan Leanne Middlewood from Yorkshire, England. Details

20 Nov 2014 – Doctors to spay and dock tail plus take x-rays Monday while Pollo’s under anesthesia then plan her next surgery. Details

21-22 Nov – Pollo was resting up for her surgery on Monday. The Lifeline team was busy with 4 intakes and care of the rest of the pack.

23 Nov – Today Pollo scheduled for surgery and x-rays on her jaw. Update: Surgeon called on emergency case. Surgery rescheduled. Details

24 Nov – Pollo second surgery rescheduled for today. Follow the link for several photos and info on her visit by Chris yesterday. Details

25 Nov – Pollo was fed yesterday morning pre-op in error, so her surgery will be postponed again. No date has been set.

26 Nov – Lifeline associate Wendy Nash Miller spent time with Pollo earlier today, and posted a report with video on Facebook. Details

27 Nov – Breaking News: Polk County Florida Sheriff’s Office concludes their criminal investigation for Pollo injuries. Case closed. Details (on our blog)

28 Nov – Pollo resting. Lifeline feels compelled to question the conclusion of the Sheriff’s criminal investigation of Pollo’s injuries. Details

2 Dec – Great (US holiday) weekend for Pollo. Surgery #2 pending. Meanwhile, more updates and 6 new photos on Facebook. Details

4 Dec – Pollo had her surgery tonight to fix that troublesome tail. Further X-rays were taken on her jaw and hip. See Photo and Details

8 Dec – Pollo still has 2 more surgeries and a rehab program. We took lotsa post-op Pollo pictures since her surgery Thursday. Details

9 Dec – Last night was wet and dreary yet Chris saw Pollo plus posted great photos, and her “…nubby tail is healing very nicely”. Details

10 Dec – No health news, but another visit with Pollo with more great pictures of our baby girl getting stronger by the day. Details

11 Dec – More great photos of Pollo during a visit by Denise and a description of some Pollo antics. No new health news. Details

16 Dec – New photo of Pollo and great news for fans. She may leave the hospital in time to spend Christmas in foster care. Details

18 Dec – Pollo is leaving the hospital into foster care by Saturday. She will return for dental and hip surgery after New Years. Details

20 Dec – Princess Pollo gets released TODAY from VHS and moves into her foster home in time for Christmas. Great pix! Details

23 Dec – For now, a new video on Facebook shows Pollo at play at VHS prior to leaving into her foster home. More news soon! Details

24 Dec – Pollo has left the building! View photos of her “going for a ride”. She is happy, yet anxious, and adjusting well. Details

25 Dec – Here’s a link with more new photos of Pollo upon arrival at her foster home, and the introduction to her foster sisters. Details

31 Dec – Pollo has settled in with her foster family. She is scheduled for surgery later this week. View details for foster photos! Details

4 Jan – Pollo’s dental surgery was postponed again. Perhaps later this week. Meanwhile, here are 5 MORE photos in foster. Details

23 Jan – Pollo will have dental and jaw surgery next Tuesday and x-rays and rehab at the medical center later. See pix here: Details

27 Jan – Thoughts and prayers with Pollo today as she goes for her next and hopefully final surgery on her jaw and teeth. Details

29 Jan – Pollo dental surgery went well. 4 teeth removed including 2 canines. Jaw healing fine and the wire was removed. Details

8 Feb – Pollo has improved dramatically in just 3 months. View this update with wonderful photos of our happy happy girl. Details

28 Feb – Pollo continues to improve during rehab and runs and plays in true Weimy fashion. Read more and see her here. Details

03 Feb – Another Pollo update with photos just posted. She is feeling frisky and getting into typical Weim situations. Details

Please take time to follow the links to “Details” above to understand this slow and certainly painful journey to recovery for Pollo.

Links to Pollo in Local News Media

Follow these links to see article and live television news reports about Pollo.

ABC Action News (video)

Bay News 9 (video)

My Fox Tampa Bay (video)

The Ledger

Examiner Article

The staff of Lifeline Dog Rescue truly appreciate the support, donations, and promotion for Pollo from the worldwide community.

Please continue to share her story and this page with friends and family. Thank you!

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