Weimaraner and Other Dog Listings

The Weimaraner and other dog listings for adoption are organized into groups so you may search quickly by breed and gender.
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Lifeline specializes primarily in Weimaraner rescue, yet we rescue and care for other purebred and mixed breed dogs for adoption.

Our Dogs by Breed and Gender

Each major group of Weimaraners, Other Purebred, and Mixed Breed is divided by gender into subgroups on these 6 listing pages:

Weimaraners for Adoption

View our Female Weimaraner Dogs for Adoption
View our Male Weimaraner Dogs for Adoption

Other Purebred for Adoption

We have NO Female Other Purebred Dogs for Adoption
View our Male Other Purebred Dogs for Adoption

Mixed Breeds for Adoption

View our Female Mixed Breed Dogs for Adoption
View our Male Mixed Breed Dogs for Adoption

Dogs in each group are listed by name in alphabetical order, and summary data includes their age and adoption availability status:

1. Evaluation Hold (new arrivals)
2. Rehab Hold (in rehabilitation)
3. Rehab HW+ (heartworm treatment)
4. Ready to Adopt (available now)

Each summary has one thumbnail photo. Use any email link to inquire about a dog by name for details, or to request more photos.

Special Note: Regardless of status, you may apply now for an estimated release date for any dog.

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