Two More Weimaraner Intakes

Lifeline is happy to welcome two more Weimaraner intakes, 1 male and 1 female, as added to our Dogs for Adoption listings.

weimaraners heidi and juno portrait

Female senior Weimaraner Heidi (left) is 12 yrs old and her status is Ready to Adopt (Adoption Pending).

On the right is male Weimaraner Juno who is 7 yrs old and on evaluation hold, yet still listed on our for adoption page.

Visitors interested in adopting are welcome to apply in advance before dog status has been upgraded to Ready to Adopt.

View dogs for adoption listings to choose a dog, visit the how to adopt page, and then submit our dog adoption form.

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Gracie Before and After Photos

Lifeline presents Gracie before and after photos of our 7 year old female Weimaraner showing her new look during rehab.

gracie before after weight loss

The before (left) is Gracie at 136 lbs. at intake, and then (right) as a slimmed down 75 lb. Weimaraner in May 2016.

Weimaraners need an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a proper diet for optimum health and a fuller life.

Lifeline staff are pleased and proud of our fosters who help us realize our slogan “Where Dogs Learn to Smile Again”.

Gracie has been listed for adoption as rehab hold, yet interested adopters may apply now before she’s taken off hold.

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New Dogs Listed for Adoption

Please welcome Lifeline’s latest intakes as we add 3 new dogs listed for adoption including Bella, Nico, and Shadow.

dogs bella, nico, and shadow collage

Bella is a 2 year old female Weimaraner-Pointer Mix listed on this page of Female Mixed Breed Dogs for Adoption.

Nico is a 12 week old male Brittany Mix and he is listed on the page listing all Male Mixed Breed Dogs for Adoption.

Shadow is a 2 year old male purebred Black Labrador Retriever listed on our Male Other Purebred Dogs for Adoption page.

Our dogs for adoption include male and female choices of purebred Weimaraners, “other” purebred dogs, and mixed breed dogs.

When viewing listings, remember you may apply to adopt a dog now regardless of their status in evaluation or rehabilitation.

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Goldie Happy Tails Video

Our female Labrador Retriever Goldie happy tails video shows Goldie and her new playmate and forever home (see link BELOW photo).

female labrador retriever goldie adoption

Goldie was adopted this week, and Lifeline fans can follow this link to watch Goldie playing on Facebook.

Watch as both dogs play tug of war in this 30 second video as Goldie the Lab Retriever enjoys her new life.

As always, we are sad when our dogs move on, yet thrilled to know they have a family that loves them!

Happy tails, Goldie!

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Female Weimaraner Lenore Adopted

Another rescue ends as a happy tails story begins with our female Weimaraner Lenore adopted into her forever home.

female weimaraner lenore adopted

We nicknamed Lenore our Pocket Princess because she is petite at 40 lbs. and 4 years old. Her love story is special.

Lenore’s parents are long time supporters of Lifeline, and met Lenore when donating dog food and beds in person.

Chuck and Joanne lost their Weim 2 years ago, and it was love at first sight as Lenore turned on her princess charm.

Visit Lenore’s adoption post on Facebook for more details and photos with her new family in her forever home.

Happy Tails, sweet princess!

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Max and Sadie Are Adopted

Two more happy tails stories were announced by Lifeline Dog Rescue as Weimaraners Max and Sadie are adopted.

max and sadie adopted

Max (left) and Sadie (right) are settling in nicely to new lives, new families, and their new forever homes.

Max was an owner surrender from Georgia and with us since January, and his furever home is in Florida.

Sadie was rescued from an Alabama Craigslist ad from her lonely life spending 18 hours a day in a crate.

Thank you to the team of fosters and transporters who help us every day, and huge thanks to the new parents!

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Weims Elke and Bauer Adopted

Lifeline is pleased to announce two happy tail stories of forever homes as Weimaraners Elke and Bauer are adopted.

weims elke and bauer adoption photos

Female Weimaraner Elke (left) and Male Weimaraner Bauer (right) are enjoying the comfort of a new family and home.

Read details, photos, and comments on Elke’s rescue and adoption on Facebook.

Likewise, we posted the adoption story of Bauer on Facebook, also, with more photos and details about his new life!

We are grateful to the wonderful new “parents” for opening their homes and hearts to our precious rescue babies.

Thanks, also, to the tireless foster parents who provide the love and care to help Lifeline dogs find new homes!

Happy Tails to Elke and Bauer!

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New Male Weim Listings

Three new male Weimaraner listings have been added to the Male Weim Dogs for Adoption page on the Lifeline website.

male weims bauer grey and max

Meet our newest Weimaraner intakes named Bauer, Grey, and Max aged 5 years, 13 years, and 18 months respectively.

Please share these additions online and to friends and family to promote finding them a new forever home!

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Goldie Available for Adoption

Lifeline is happy to announce the rehab status upgrade of female Labrador Retriever Goldie to available for adoption.
female lab retriever goldie for adoption
Goldie is around 4 years old and was rescued from a Georgia kill shelter with her puppy Stone who is now adopted.

This beautiful girl has a wonderful temperament, and will be a great addition to a loving family.

Her next step is a happy ending from being heartworm positive to healthy after lengthy treatments and rest.

Interested? Please view our dog adoption process info and then submit our dog adoption form.

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Adoptions Page Revision 2016

Lifeline changed our method of presenting listings of dogs for adoption with an adoptions page revision in 2016.

jefferson luna ranger sarge stormy collage

The dogs previously listed as for adoption that have actually been adopted are:

  • Male Lab Retriever Mix Jefferson
  • Female Purebred Weimaraner Luna
  • Male Grey Weimaraner Ranger
  • Male Purebred Weimaraner Sarge
  • Female Purebred Weimaraner Stormy

Their listings have been removed. Each has been adopted and now lives in a forever home with their new families.

The adoptions page is now a directory of dogs with a small portrait, the dog’s name, breed, gender, age, and status.

In addition, a link allows people interested in adopting a specific dog to email us for more details and photographs.

Once a choice is made, the next step is to submit our standard adoption request form for review and consideration.

The “Status” of dogs on the adoptions page may be Evaluation Hold, Rehab Hold, Heartworm+ Hold, or Ready to Adopt.

You may submit a dog adoption request for dogs on hold (Evaluation, Rehab or HW+) prior to being released as ready for adoption.

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