Special Message from Pollo

This special message from Pollo is a meme with her portrait for all her fans to share to promote spay, neuter, and adopt don’t shop!

special message from pollo

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A Special Message from Pollo

Spay. Neuter. Adopt Don’t Shop. Do the Math.

Consider the averages…

Human births in the USA – 10,000 a day.
Puppy and kitten daily births? 70,000.
Shelter pet euthanization – 16,000 a day.

To save 16,000 – USA homes need 7 pets per person.

Fact: 57% of dogs in USA shelters will die there.
Fact: 71% of cats in USA shelters will die there.

Many, especially pets given as gifts, are doomed.

Why? Surrendered pets are unwanted. Many go first.

In fact the policy is immediately in some shelters.

The real solution? Spay. Neuter. Adopt Don’t Shop.

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The holiday season is especially dangerous for pets because people act on impulse without thinking through the long term responsibility of being a pet guardian.

Cute puppies (and kitties) grow fast. They require plenty of care, a financial commitment, and a healthy family environment to thrive.

Help educate others about being responsible pet guardians.

Please share this message on social media.

Thanks, and Weimie hugs to ALL my fans!


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