Momma Dog Chelsea Photos and Story

female pit mix chelsea side portrait

Female Pit Mix Chelsea Side Portrait

Despite rain and a timid subject, Lifeline staff managed some great photos on Saturday during a Momma Dog Chelsea photo opp.

Our Facebook fans are likely familiar with the story of “Momma Dog” who we renamed Chelsea to honor a special fan and financial supporter.

Inserted throughout this post are a selection of pictures of Chelsea taken at Lifeline Dog Rescue Saturday, 22 Sep 2012. We look forward to more as she continues to improve.

For now, here are more details on her story.

Chelsea was a stray and evaded humans for at least 3 months on the streets of Lake Worth, Florida, had puppies, was captured by local dog rescue advocates, and then accepted for rehab and eventual adoption by Lifeline Dog Rescue.

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female pit mix chelsea looking right female pit mix chelsea front portrait female pit mix chelsea head lowered female pit mix chelsea side full body

Her puppies were easier to catch and 7 were taken into foster yet 1 was grabbed by persons unknown, so besides the trauma of life on the streets, she suffers that loss, as well.

Chelsea is not vicious, yet very scared and timid around humans. That trust will be earned over time by Lifeline staff.

female pit mix chelsea front full body Chelsea is heartworm positive, so the medical care, required rest, and rehab socialization will take months. It is a challenge that Lifeline has accepted with success many times before.

We truly appreciate the public support for Chelsea. A ChipIn campaign quickly met the donor goal of $1000, and we are very grateful to Juliana for starting the ChipIn, plus all the donors and cross posters who promoted “Momma Dog” Chelsea’s rescue and funding for her medical care and rehab prior to adoption.

She is making progress. Her mistrust of humans made the photo shoot last Saturday especially difficult. Denise, and our webmaster Jim, relied on zoom settings to get the photos shown here.

At times they felt like paparazzi watching Chelsea react as they moved about trying for the perfect shot.

She was wary while staring intently and countering their every move to keep her distance. It was painful to watch though we can understand her behavior.

While trying to get quality photos of Chelsea, it makes a person feel guilty and selfish being so obviously intent on her. We would much rather been giving her hugs and kisses!

After all, regaining trust in humans is difficult when you think you’re being stalked and must assume the worst based on prior history!

chelsea running free at lifeline

Chelsea aka “Momma Dog” has fun running free at Lifeline Dog Rescue

Denise and Jim captured some great photos, so we won’t be needing more of Chelsea any time soon. Thank God she has Kim on site to develop human contact, and Denise visits often to gradually reinforce the love and trust.

Thank you, again, to all the dog lovers who have stepped up to help us help Chelsea. In the end she will prove the cost, time, and energy were well worth the effort.

We look forward to the day when we can list her for adoption, and get her in the forever home that she deserves!

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