Lifeline Recovery from Isaac Damage

Since being more than 90% submerged in flood waters a week ago, the Lifeline recovery from Isaac damage continues to improve. After 5 days without significant rain, that 90% submerged has returned to near normal. It still isn’t dry, yet dry enough to allow the dogs out to play.

Here’s a photo of the Lifeline Dog Rescue private lake that is still 30-40 feet wider than normal, and extends to the west beyond the fence and into the woods.

lifeline lake one week after isaac

Flood waters still extend beyond the lake and perimeter fence into the woods.

The grass on our 3 acre fenced dog rescue property is still soaked and very soggy, plus some areas have turned brown. Bare patches as shown above are muddy. Whatever debris was left behind smells, and so do the dogs when they play and roll in the wet grass or mud.

Imagine the fun of giving baths to 30 dogs before letting them back into the house!

The most costly damage was the loss of our air conditioner and a computer zapped by lightning. The new a/c was finally installed on Sunday, and we are so thankful to all the generous supporters who made donations to help fund the cost. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

air conditioner installation photo collage

The old a/c removed (left), the new one unloaded (center), and installed (right).

The new computer was up and running earlier this week. Not so lucky was the corporate Blackberry that one of the Weimaraners thought made a great treat. After chewing it beyond saving to stop that annoying ringing, he dropped it in the flooded playground to quiet it for good! Apologies to anyone who called in that day or two needed to get a replacement.

The last week was not business as usual, but we did have success stories with new intakes and even adoptions.

Thanks again to all our fans and supporters who provided the encouragement and support while we worked through disaster to come out better than ever. Looking ahead, there’s still fence and facility damage to assess and have repaired. Thankfully, the urgent needs for the dogs are near full recovery.

The Lifeline Dog Rescue slogan says it all and still rings true: “Where dogs learn to smile again”.

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