Kibou Joins a Family with Weims

Our sometimes goofy and very entertaining male Weimaraner rescue dog was adopted this weekend as Kibou joins a family with Weims. Lifeline Dog Rescue will miss our very special 3 year old, yet he now has a forever home with a human brother and two Weimaraner sisters.

male weimaraner kibou poses with family

Male purebred Weimaraner Kibou poses at Lifeline with his new family

Perry and Kathy plus son Zach pose behind Kibou (red collar and leash) at Lifeline Dog Rescue with Weim sister Jazz (blue collar) and Bella (hiding behind Kibou). The family has had Weimaraners going back more than 15 years, male and female, and wanted a younger companion for their 2 senior Weims.

Companionship is very important. Perry and Kathy have rescue cats, too, but the real bonding is between the dogs. Bella has health issues and looking ahead for a companion for Jazz now is a matter of being realistic.

We are actively pursuing the adoption of a young male. Jazz is a dog that does very poorly by herself for ANY length of time. While she IS a princess and a bit of a loner; she needs to know when the humans in her family are not home, that she has a buddy lying next to her; and felines don’t count.

Kibou will fit right in. He’s great with other dogs, children, and strangers. Kibou enjoys baths, grooming and nail trimming, plus going for walks and the dog park. He is crate trained, housebroken, comes when called, walks on a lead, and plays fetch.

Readers may read other details of the Happy Tails story for Kibou on our main site, too.

Thanks, again, to Perry and Kathy for bringing their entire family to Lifeline to meet Kibou, and sharing stories of your history with Weims.

We know Kibou fills a special place in your lives, and wish you Happy Tails and best of health for everyone!

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