Dermot En Route to Forever Home

The last leg of a long journey began today as Dermot the starved and abused American Bulldog Mix is en route to his forever home. He left today with all his paperwork, and will meet his new mom in Pennsylvania on Saturday!

Dermot was rescued from a public shelter and arrived at Lifeline Dog Rescue having been starved at 62 lbs. showing ribs and skin and bone on his hips, plus he was heartworm positive. A rusty wound deeply cut into his fur around the neck, plus numerous wounds and injuries

Dermot left Lifeline Dog Rescue early this morning on 27 Sep 2012 at 87 lbs. in full health including heartworm negative. Here are a series of photos to illustrate before and after.

Enjoy this series of photos showing the amazing transformation of Dermot!

american bulldog mix dermot in shelter

Dermot the American Bulldog Mix is skin and bone at the public shelter in Florida

american bullodg mix dermot injuries

Dermot (left) en route to Lifeline and a before and after (right) of the rusty chain injury

american bulldog mix dermot rehab recovery

Dermot is fully recovered in late September and shows off his new healthy physique

The tranformation is complete and another high risk rescue dog is on his way by ground transport to his new forever home. Dermot’s new family is in Ontario, Canada, and includes a mom, daughter, and two large male dogs.

Read more details about the adoption Happy Tails story of Dermot on our main site.

Dermot loves to swim and interact with the other dogs. He likes children, strangers, baths, grooming, and nail trims. He enjoys walks, swimming, and car rides. He is housebroken, comes when called, and walks on a lead.

We’re sure he will LOVE snow!

We are extremely grateful to Peterson Express Transport Services aka P.E.T.S. who provide ground transportation for dogs like Dermot en route to his forever home.

Thank you, Sharyn, for welcoming Dermot into your extended family of people and dogs. He has been through so much pain and suffering, and we’re delighted he has a wonderful new forever home. We wish you, your family, and Dermot all the best for a long and healthy Happy Tails life!

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