Amazing Female Blue Weim Sasha

This dog rescue report is about the amazing female Blue Weimaraner Sasha who was found near death last March as a stray in Texas. As a stray she was nameless, so Lifeline called her Sasha.

This report outlines what is likely the best 6 months of her life!

Here is a before photo taken in March 2012, and after photo more recently less than 6 months later.

female blue weim sasha before after

Stray female Blue Weimaraner Sasha starved near death (left) and looking healthy now (right)

For now, view the photo of Sasha (above, left) to count each rib and her hip showing just skin and bone. Her face is thin and gaunt, plus her left eye is swollen and red with conjunctivitis. Sasha is obviously emaciated, deyhydrated, and must have been scrounging for food and water for weeks.

That before photo was taken at animal control. Less obvious in that picture were Sasha’s acute medical conditions. She was infested with ticks and fleas, tested heartworm positive, and was bloated due to overfeeding at the shelter which is dangerous.

Starved dogs need to be fed more often yet very small amounts in the beginning.

The first 24 hours of day one at the veterinarian was the critical period. On day two she was reported as doing fine, eating and drinking, and normal eliminations, yet they stated in their daily notes that her “stool was a bit soft and had bits of black and white plastic in it”.

Sasha spent two weeks at the veterinary clinic before she would be well enough for private home care.

Today is a different story. View the healthier Sasha in the photo (above, right). Her eyes are healthy and her face is full from ongoing medical treatment and proper diet.

Sasha has escaped near certain death due an outpouring of support. She is currently in foster care, yet Sasha has now been listed for adoption. A special thanks goes out to Kathy the foster Mom in Texas for taking such great care of Sasha.

top view of starved weim sasha

Top View of Starved Weim Sasha (March 2012)

Lifeline Dog Rescue played a major life saving role in cooperation with individual volunteers, Fort Worth Animal Care and Control, Family PetCare of Fort Worth Texas, and Weimaraner Rescue of North Texas in making this happy ending come true.

In addition, a long list of animal advocates made generous donations for her rescue, treatment, and recovery. Here’s how Lifeline became involved.

We responded to an urgent plea from a local individual volunteer in Texas, and then spoke with animal control and provided credentials to have her pulled.

When she was released her truly critical condition became known. In no way was she fit for transport.

Sasha needed immediate emergency medical treatment, so the only choice was to have her taken to a vet in Texas.

During this time, Weimaraner Rescue of North Texas contacted Lifeline Dog Rescue because they had committed to pulling Sasha that same day.

The animal control staff may not have realized two rescues were ready to help. We said “yes” because they told us she needed help immediately that day – that hour.

In communicating with the Texas rescue group later it was decided they would take over the medical care, rehab and foster, and eventual adoption for Sasha.

Lifeline stepped up and paid all the initial veterinary bills for her two week stay and treatment at the vet. Upon release, Sasha was left in very good hands.

We are extremely grateful to Kathy the foster and Weimaraner Rescue of North Texas for their help rewriting a happy ending to the story of the Amazing Female Blue Weim Sasha.

Thanks to all those involved in her rescue, Sasha will never face a diet of plastic scraps again.

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