Lifeline Remains 90% Submerged from Isaac

isaac flooding from lifeline front door

Isaac Flooding from Lifeline Front Door

Photographs posted on our Facebook page do not convey the extent of Isaac flood damage at the Okeechobee facility of Lifeline. Lifeline remains 90% submerged from Isaac today, Tuesday 28 Aug 2012!

The small photo to the left here is taken from the front steps of Lifeline looking towards the 100 foot private lake on our property.

The flooded “lake” now covers over 90% of the 3 acre dog rescue facility submerged under flood waters.

Water covers the entire property past the fences on all 4 sides including the entrance gate leaving a small island of dry land around the on site manager’s home.

The public roadway is elevated and remains dry now that the storm passed.

Tropical storm Isaac was large and slow moving, so the excess rainfall was incredible in Okeechobee, Florida, compared to relatively minor 2 hours north in Orlando. The damage and cost of recovery has not been fully assessed, yet part of the shed and dog runs are flooded, some supplies may be ruined, and some fences will need to be replaced.

Before and After Photos of Flooding at Lifeline

This series of photos show the approximate extent of flooding using before and after graphics displaying original previous pix on the left, and a simulation of the flooding with transparent red overlays of areas that are submerged in water. Lifeline staff have not gone wading to get actual photographs because of safety concerns including poisonous snakes.

View each large size here and then click any for an even more detailed bigger view to see features like the gate, house, shed, and dog runs. Red areas simulate submerged property from extensive flooding.

Front Gate Entrance, Roadway, and Lifeline House

This photo is taken from the NW corner of Lifeline looking East towards the road, front gate entrance, public highway, and driveway leading to the on site home of the Lifeline Dog Rescue manager.

lifeline flooding of gate roadway house

Lifeline Flooding of Gate, Roadway, House (before left and simulated right, click for large version)

House, Shed, Dog Runs, and Roadside Fence

This photo from the SW corner of Lifeline looking East shows the manager’s residence (barely visible behind the trees to the far left) with a small gated yard between it and the visible shed, and then the open area to fence the public highway.

lifeline flooding of house, shed, runs, fence

Lifeline Flooding of House, Shed, Runs, Fence (before left and simulated right, click for large version)

Lifeline Private Lake and Dog Play Area

This photo, also from the SW corner of the property, is looking North and shows the large private lake and the dog play area in the distance. To put this in perspective, the last photo below is that same play area beyond the lake.

lifeline flooding of lake and play area

Lifeline Flooding of Lake and Play Area (before left and simulated right, click for large version)

Large Portion of the Dog Play Area

The angle of this view is from the steps of the residence looking at the Northwest corner of the property, and shows the incredible flood area of the dog play area.

lifeline flooding of large dog play area

Lifeline Flooding of Large Dog Play Area (before left and simulated right, click for large version)

Donations for Cleanup, Recovery, and Repairs

The team at Lifeline Dog Rescue is reluctant to ask for help, yet this unforseen disaster means donations are needed for the cleanup, recovery, and repairs. Our readers, Twitter followers, and Facebook fans have proven to be loyal and generous in helping us help more dogs. We need your help now.

Please note that no dogs were harmed or injured during the storm. All were kept safely inside the residence. However, the flooding has upset the normal routine for our dogs including play time and potty breaks. As previously stated, we must be cautious for safety reasons including the heightened danger of encountering poisonous snakes.

Updates including further assessments will be posted to our Facebook page.

You can help.

Please visit the donate page of our website and look under Donor One Time Donation in Any Amount to make your 501c3 tax deductible donation.

Since preliminary photos were posted on our Facebook page, we are certainly grateful to the people who have already stepped up and donated.

Prayers are welcomed.

UPDATE Tue P.M. – Water is NOT receding. 90% of the property is still submerged. Conditions in the residence include: the water pump is not working so no city water, a/c knocked out, and 30 dogs needing potty breaks. More rain and thunderstorms expected later today. The Water Authority reports flood gates are wide open, but the entire Okeechobee area has flooding. Thank God the 10% dry area is the property residence!

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