Where Dogs Learn to Smile Again

There’s more to our dog rescue slogan than mere words. Here’s Ernie the male Pitbull Mix rescue dog swimming in the private lake at Lifeline Dog Rescue “Where Dogs Learn to Smile Again”. His utter joy and happiness makes us smile.

ernie swimming in lifeline dog rescue lake

Ernie the Pitbull Mix Teaches Himself to Swim in the Lifeline Dog Rescue Private Lake

Not all dogs love the water. Our dog rescue specialty is the Weimaraner dog breed, yet we rescue all breeds including mixed breeds like Ernie shown above. Weimaraners love water! In the past Ernie has splashed and played at the edge of our private lake on the 3 acre dog rescue shelter facility in Okeechobee, Florida.

Perhaps the record high July temperatures have given Ernie an appreciation for taking the plunge and learning to swim.

Not all our dogs are that adventurous. Some go in too deep and then panic and thrash about, yet manage getting to safety on sheer instinct. None really learn to swim. They all know how, yet some just choose to do it more than others, and when it’s their first time it tempts our staff to play lifeguard.

For fans familiar with the story of rescue dogs Bert and Ernie, they were pulled by Lifeline Dog Rescue within hours of being put to death in a high kill public shelter. Each received months of medical treatment and rehab at Lifeline Dog Rescue which just wasn’t a practical option at most public shelters due to budget constraints.

Download Ernie’s 9 page PDF illustrated ebook to see the heartwarming story and wonderful transformation from pitiful to gorgeous! Send copies to friends, post the PDF on your site or blog, or share the link on Facebook and Twitter.

Ernie has certainly proven himself worthy of getting a second chance. Despite being a stray, infested with mites, covered with painful sores, nearly 100% fur loss, kept in isolation due to kennel cough, and experiencing the fear of death row, he is a remarkable example of the perfect dog.

Ernie the male Pitbull Mix is happy and funny with a gentle and loving temperament. His buddy Bert was adopted. Ernie is waiting. He is practically a celebrity, and has adjusted well to life among lots of dogs.

We want him to stay, yet know Ernie deserves to be in a family where he doesn’t have to share affection with 20+ other dogs. Ernie loves being here and has learned the meaning behind our slogan “Where Dogs Learn to Smile Again”.

Please share Ernie’s story to help us find him his forever home. View the adoption listing for Ernie the dog and tell a friend. He’s been through so much. He deserves the best.

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