Senior Rottie Macks Gator Attack

This amazing senior dog meets gator story of survival in Florida will have a happier ending with public support to fund his vet bills. PLEASE consider donating any amount to help towards the $2100 balance for surgery and aftercare for his Senior Rottie Macks Gator Attack campaign on ChipIn.

It is hard to imagine that any dog could escape an attack by an alligator 5-10 times their size. Macks the senior 12 year old Rottie did just that on June 19th, 2012.

Here’s a photo collage taken from Facebook of injured dog Macks and the female gator who attacked him.

Photo collage descriptions of 8 photographs by row and left to right. (Click to Enlarge)

Top Row (left, center, right): Macks the Rottweiler injuries, bandaged, and head close up.
Middle Row (left, center, right): Gator being captured, bound with tape, and full body.
Bottom Row (left, right): Macks in recovery at home and the gator loaded for relocation.

Macks is a 12 year old Rottweiler owned by Deborah Decker of K-9 Shelter & Sanctuary Corp. in St. Petersburg Florida, and was attacked by a 9 foot female alligator near their home. It was later discovered the gator was nesting on eggs at a nearby brook. Macks escaped the attack and ran home where he collapsed. He was soaking wet.

Severe injuries included his scalp and an entire ear removed from the side of his head and hanging by a thread. Nerve damage prevented one eye from blinking for days. Surgeons saved his ear and reconnected his scalp with more stitches and staples than we care to count.

The medical team anticipates near full recovery will take months, yet it is too soon to declare victory due to potential complications. The damage and surgery was extensive, and gator bites are notorious for bacteria and germs. Macks takes 17 pills per day because the danger of infection is very high.

Please help Macks with a donation and by crossposting on Facebook and Twitter. ChipIn donations will go directly to Deborah Decker, or readers may mail a check directly to the medical team that provided emergency surgical services, also. Just note “Donation for Macks” in PayPal or on your check. Checks may be mailed to:

Dunedin Animal Medical Center & Pet Resort
1546 Main Street
Dunedin, Florida 34698
Phone: (727) 738-2273
Fax: (727) 738-2887

This is a courtesy post by Lifeline Dog Rescue in support of Deborah Decker and her K-9 Shelter & Sanctuary Corp. Deborah has worked alone pulling at risk dogs from high kill public shelters since 2007. She currently has 17 dogs and 4 puppies under her care.

Here’s evidence of Deborah’s devotion to animal rescue. When Florida Fish and Wildlife capture a large gator after an attack of a domestic animal, the gator is destroyed. Not this one. Deborah begged them to spare its life because the momma gator was likely only protecting her babies. The authorities agreed and relocated the gator and her eggs.

Deborah and Macks deserve your help. Please visit the Senior Rottie Macks Gator Attack campaign on ChipIn to donate. Updates will be posted as available.

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