Last Minute Dog Rescue Mission

Lifeline Dog Rescue pulled off a last minute dog rescue mission on Saturday after an urgent plea from a transport coordinator. Three purebred Boxer rescue dogs were being flown by Pilots n Paws from Alabama to Florida, and this series of photographs illustrate the dog rescue mission was a success!

pilots n paws plane arrives in florida

Pilots n Paws Plane with 3 Boxers Arrives in Florida

The original ground transportation volunteer was unable to fulfill their promise to meet the pilot upon arrival to then drive the dogs to their destination. The Pilots n Paws private plane was already in flight on their way to Florida when Lifeline received the urgent email. A replacement volunteer for ground transportation to a foster home in Tampa was needed to meet the pilot within one hour!

three boxer dogs in transit to tampa

Three Boxer Dogs in Transit with Lifeline Staff to Tampa

Being active in our network of dog rescue advocates paid off because we were able to take action immediately to the urgent request for help. A Lifeline staff member raced to the airport and arrived in time to meet the pilot and accept the dogs for the one hour drive to Tampa.

boxer dogs exploring the foster home

Three Boxer Dogs Exploring the Foster Home Upon Arrival in Tampa

Each of the 3 Boxers was well behaved in flight and during their ride to Tampa. The photo above shows them exploring the yard of the temporary foster, and tomorrow they move on to the local dog rescue group who will care for them and promote their adoption.

Lifeline cares about all rescue dogs, not just ours. Networking and helping all dog rescue organizations is part of what we do. We are especially grateful to Pilots n Paws for helping us more than once with transportation in the past, and of course the wonderful coordinators who plan transports with such great precision!

It is always a pleasure and privilege to help others helping dogs.

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