Dogs in Evaluation at Lifeline

Learn more about dogs in evaluation at Lifeline Dog Rescue including why some do not have a unique page on our website. Our dogs in evaluation may graduate to adoptable within days, or require extended stays for medical treatment and rehabilitation during recovery.

Some dogs may have behavioral or social issues that need to be identified and worked on before becoming adoptable.

The photo collage below shows just 3 of our dogs in what may be long term evaluation.

dogs in rehab hope blue dermot

Examples of Dogs in Rehab and Evaluation (left to right): Hope, Blue, and Dermot

Situations like post-op recovery or heartworm treatment may take months. Dogs who were caged for breeding or timid due to abuse may take a longer time to develop social skills and trust in humans.

Stories and posts about these dogs may appear on our blog or Facebook page and Twitter. Until they pass evaluation and are ready for adoption, we don’t create pages on the main Lifeline Dog Rescue website.

Others may go from evaluation to a permanent resident status for reasons including advanced age as one factor, and we become their caretakers for life.

Lifeline continues to develop relationships with publicly funded animal shelters as adoption partners. Most lack the funds to provide their dogs urgent medical treatment if immediate surgery is required. Other dogs may be heartworm positive or have other long term treatment conditions like skin disease or non-life threatening injuries.

Long term care is usually not in the budget for public shelters. Without an adopter or rescue group to step up and foot the bill, many of these dogs would be euthanized. We have regularly pulled dogs from shelters literally within hours of imminent death due to injury or within minutes of euthanization because of long term medical treatment needs.

Since our website launched in December 2011, we average one dog per month pulled from public kill shelters in response to urgent requests due to life threatening disease or injury. Some require surgery in excess of $5000. Ongoing medical follow up visits for veterinary treatment and just their daily care adds to those costs.

As a non-profit charitable 501c3 organization, we do post ChipIn donation requests for some of our dogs, yet not all. We try to limit ChipIn donation campaigns to one dog at a time, so those are usually published for the worst cases.

For one example of an urgent case that was not publicized, view the male Min Pin Mix Paco adoption listing posted after he had hip surgery. Paco did not appear on Facebook, Twitter, or our blog until listed ready to adopt.

If Paco was adopted at the time you read this post, the link above will take you to his Happy Tails forever home story.

Currently and at any given time, we have between 5-10 dogs in various stages of evaluation. Our staff are all-volunteer personnel and most have full time jobs, so we may not publish regular updates on the status of dogs in evaluation. Caring for 20-30 dogs is our second full time job with no vacation or days off.

Follow links near the bottom of the right side column on every page to Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.

Visitors may also follow this link to learn more about resident dogs at Lifeline Dog Rescue.

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