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Among dog rescue advocates there is a difference between groups that operate as a dog rescue compared to a dog rescue shelter. Each is usually privately run and many are incorporated, yet not all USA based rescues are 501c3 eligible so that your adoption fee or donation is tax deductible.

The major difference between dog rescue and a dog rescue shelter like Lifeline Dog Rescue is a dog rescue shelter has a physical facility where dogs are provided housing, shelter, evaluation, care, and recreation. Here’s a slideshow of the Lifeline Dog Rescue shelter facility in Okeechobee, Florida.

Private dog rescue activities are carried out formally by corporations or informally by individual and volunteer dog rescue advocates. The structure and operations of each can vary greatly. Both use the shorter generic name “dog rescue” to describe their organization.

Here’s a comment about the Lifeline Dog Rescue facility made recently on our Facebook page:

How wonderful you actually have a shelter! I volunteer with a Weim rescue up north and we use foster homes, but sure would be great to have a facility, too. Your pups look great! All the best in placing them.

Many all volunteer dog rescue groups have a large network of approved foster parents who house and provide daily care for dogs in foster. In most cases, the dog rescue group covers expenses for any veterinary care to the foster volunteer.

Whether dog rescue or dog rescue shelter, both are no-kill options for persons looking to surrender a dog. Both provide a valuable and much needed service to rescue at risk dogs from euthanasia.

Each is better than a public kill shelter where dogs face a 50/50 chance of being put to sleep.

Dog rescue groups do great work! A volunteer dog rescue group using a network of foster homes can expand easily by adding more foster parents. A dog rescue shelter like Lifeline Dog Rescue will use foster volunteers, as well, yet requires funds if looking to expand their shelter facility once capacity is reached.

An all foster dog rescue or dog rescue shelter may be incorporated and 501c3. There is no requirement to have a facility. Informal dog rescue or foster volunteers are less likely to be 501c3 eligible, yet they are valuable to the cause of saving dogs.

As a point of comparison, public animal control shelters are primarily funded by taxpayers and run by a local city, county, or state agency. Donations for USA contributors to public shelters are tax deductible under IRS code 170(c).

We applaud dog rescue groups, other dog rescue shelters, dog rescue advocate volunteers, and even public shelters for all they do to save dogs. The mission of Lifeline Dog Rescue is all about the dogs, and we look forward to more opportunties to partner with groups, shelters, fosters, and volunteers.

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