Dermot the American Bulldog Rescue

male american bulldog on freedom ride

Male American Bulldog Dermot on Freedom Ride

Lifeline pulled an at risk dog with serious health issues today, and need donations for Dermot the American Bulldog rescue. He requires immediate veterinary care for serious conditions from obvious abuse as outlined below.

Dermot is a male white American Bulldog with black specs, and was estimated by the public animal shelter as 10 years old. Another handwritten note in their records said Dermot was born approximately 2005, so he may be as young as 7.

Dermot was a stray picked up by animal control and taken to their public kill shelter on the west coast of Central Florida. His condition includes evidence of starvation, extreme weight loss, open wounds and sores, internal parasite infestation, skin damage, and obvious abuse.

At the time of this post Dermot is in transit on his 3 hour freedom ride from NW Central Florida to the 3 acre Lifeline Dog Rescue facility in Okeechobee, Florida. The photo shown was taken by the driver, a Lifeline staff member, who emailed several pictures within the last hour.

Dermot was found by animal control without a collar. Not obvious from the photo, yet Lifeline staff transporting Dermot to our facility noticed an indentation around his neck that has embedded rust as evidence of a hard life chained up.

The health issues are extreme. Dermot will be taken to our local vet for a full checkup tomorrow, yet based on our experience and his condition, we posted a ChipIn goal of $2500 for his medical care and ongoing treatment. Rehabilitation is estimated to be several months. As we know more, the ChipIn goal may be adjusted after the thorough exam and exact future costs are known.

Read his story in this Facebook post about Dermot and his ChipIn, and then please follow the link at the top to DONATE and SHARE to help us provide the care this very special dog needs.

This beautiful male American Bulldog deserves to enjoy a new life in safety and comfort without fear, and get healthy again at Lifeline where our slogan states “Where dogs learn to smile again.”

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2 comments on “Dermot the American Bulldog Rescue
  1. Donna Hayes says:

    Hope to see happy endings for this precious babe. I donated and have shared Dermots heart breaking story, God speed to recovery and gentle Hugs from Northern California, we’re rootin for you 🙂

  2. sharyn says:

    Dermot baby, everytime i see your sweet face i just melt.

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