Dakota the Husky Rehab Progress Report

Lifeline Dog Rescue is excited to release this Dakota the Husky rehab progress report announcing near full recovery from surgery. We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support from the online community of dog rescue advocates for their generosity and promotional activities since Dakota had emergency surgery on 14 April 2012.

Here is a recent photograph of Dakota taken less than a week ago by her foster Mom. Dakota is on schedule for full recovery within the original 60 day estimate given by the medical team. That means back to full health and ready for adoption in another 2 weeks, or perhaps sooner.

dakota the rescue husky near full recovery

Rescue Dog Dakota the Female Husky Near Full Recovery from Surgery

The amount of time, energy, money, and tears expended over the last 6 weeks means our precious 2 year old Dakota has a long and happy future ahead of her. Tears of joy will flow like pouring rain when she is adopted.

The foster parents were especially important in those first critical hours and days of rehab following emergency surgery. They have been very diligent to provide all necessary care for her health and well being during rehabilitation. Their current history having Husky dogs in their home meant they had the experience needed for success.

The good news from this progress report is Dakota will be fully recovered within 2 weeks.

The GREAT news is the foster parents submitted an adoption request to keep Dakota in their family!

Our policy is giving first choice for adoption to the foster parents caring for dogs on behalf of Lifeline Dog Rescue. In some cases that situation becomes what we call “foster failure” because the dog and caretaker bond and fall hopelessly in love. The outcome is ideal for all involved.

Dakota will not be listed for adoption.

The foster parents are approved to adopt Dakota. Signatures on final paperwork within 2 weeks will simply be a formality.

Dakota, the purebred female Husky rescue dog, has been through enough trauma without facing a transition period moving to the Lifeline facility or another family. She has already integrated with the foster parents and her other Husky siblings, so the next update for Dakota on our website will likely be her Happy Tails story of adoption.

Tears of joy will flow again like rain. The remarkable story of Dakota the rescue dog will have a very very happy ending.

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2 comments on “Dakota the Husky Rehab Progress Report
  1. Ngaire Lucaites says:

    What a wonderful happy ending to this story. Thank you for saving this wonderful dog and giving her the chance of a new life

  2. Thank you, Ngaire. Our job is all about the dogs and happy endings which explains our slogan: Where Dogs Learn to Smile Again. Dakota is young and fearless, yet so sweet and cooperative throughout her ordeal, which helped us humans help her win the battle to survive.

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