Blue Weim Rehab and Recovery Update

Blue, the female Blue Weimaraner rescued from NC, remains in rehab at Lifeline Dog Rescue to recover from health and social issues. A long list of people helped to pull, foster, and transport Blue when known as Lee, and this Blue Weim rehab and recovery update is for them.

All evidence during initial evaluation points to Blue spending years as a caged breeder. Her 3 year old body shows the effects of nursing multiple puppy litters. We suspect her life was spent in near total darkness because in daylight she squinted her eyes nearly closed for weeks, and still avoids bright sunlight playing at Lifeline.

Blue was a stray and named Lee when pulled from the Lee County kill shelter in N Carolina, housed temporarily in foster waiting to arrange transport, and then transported on private planes by volunteer pilots from Pilots n Paws to Lifeline Dog Rescue in Florida.

female blue weimaraner named blue collage

Female Blue Weimaraner Renamed “Blue” Photo Collage (L-R in flight, smiling, full body)

Readers may remember the photo showing Blue the female Weim on her freedom flight. The photos above show that photo plus Blue with a happy yet cautious look on her face 4 weeks ago, and a full body side portrait. She is so sweet, and making great progress.

Blue was picked up as a stray so her real name was unknown, and over time we renamed her Blue because she responds to “Here Blue” when calling her to come. That was shortened to “Blue” with equal success.

Blue is very cautious with people, so it’s obvious she spent the 3 years of life without close and loving human contact. In the first month at Lifeline, it was necessary to get down on one or both knees at eye level to establish trust when calling her.

female weimaraner blue with other dogs

Female Blue Weim “Blue” (center) with Other Dogs (Readers may click the photo for an enlarged view)

That has improved in recent weeks, so she will approach people now including our male webmaster who was bent at the waist and calling her on a photo shoot at Lifeline earlier in June.

The picture here is a photo of Blue from Facebook taken on 3 June 2012 in the sunlight with other rescue dogs lined up for treats during Harley the Weim’s birthday bash.

Emotional issues for Blue are improving daily. There are still physical hurdles to overcome. She arrived heartworm positive which requires long term treatment. Blue has several growths that require surgery. She is underweight.

Despite all this, she is learning to be playful and starting to enjoy her new life of freedom and safety without fear.

Timing for her recovery from physical and emotional issues is unknown, yet could still take months. How could anyone regret the time, cost, and attention spent to save her from death row or being taken to a puppy mill?

Blue will eventually become adoptable, and she will be an ideal family companion in a new forever home. For now, Blue will continue to receive the physical and emotional support she needs living on the 3 acre facility of Lifeline Dog Rescue.

Readers interested in supporting her recovery may make a general fund donation for dog rescue, or choose the option to sponsor a dog and specify Blue.

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