Happy Ending for Marley and Me

The recent movie “Marley and Me” was very touching, and now Lifeline has a similar story with a happy ending for Marley and Me. Two recently adopted purebred female Weimaraners from Lifeline Dog Rescue have a remarkable story, as well.

marley and jasmine with debora and ben

Marley and Me: Weimaraners Marley (left) and Jasmine (right) with Human Parents Debora and Ben

Marley, a 6 year old female purebred Weimaraner dog, was being adopted last weekend to a family in Florida who have 2 other Weimaraners already, and had at least 1 before. The “Me” in Marley and Me of the Lifeline Dog Rescue story is Jasmine, a 13 year old female purebred Weimaraner dog.

Marley had been an owner surrender rescued by Lifeline from a public kill shelter last month, and Jasmine was also an owner surrender pulled by Lifeline Dog Rescue from that same shelter on Saturday! Both girls are laid back and very well behaved, in good health, and deserved another chance at happiness.

When the new human parents were meeting Marley on Sunday, Jasmine was nearby and they asked about her. Their other 2 Weimaraners are 5 and 12, and Marley and Me (Jasmine) at 6 and 13 seemed like a perfect match. The new parents, Debora and Ben, fell in love and adopted both!

Marley and Me now live in their new forever home in northwest Central Florida. The home is in the suburbs with a fenced yard, and activities will include walks, swimming, and boating. Ben is always at home and walks the dogs in the morning, so the 4 Weimaraners are never lonely. Debora walks them at night.

The staff of Lifeline Dog Rescue will miss both these lovely and well behaved purebred female Weims. We are so happy for them while shedding many many tears of joy, and are extremely grateful to Debora and Ben for making room in their home and their lives to help write a happy ending for Marley and Me.

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