Forever Home for Butterfly Charlie

A new rescue dog Happy Tails story began this week with the recent adoption into a forever home for our lovable Butterfly Charlie.

Charlie the male Pointer rescue dog earned his nickname chasing butterflies and dragonflies around the private lake and 3 acre property of the Lifeline Dog Rescue facility in Okeechobee, Florida.

butterfly charlie and human dad kevin

Adopted Pointer Rescue Dog Butterfly Charlie and Human Dad Kevin

His athletic leaps into the air were astounding and not easy to capture in a photo. We did manage some lucky and well timed shots that are posted on our Flickr account. Look at Butterfly Charlie leaping after a dragonfly and then view the enlarged version to see the fly in the upper right corner of the photograph!

His new home should be just as much fun. Charlie was adopted earlier this week to Kevin and Sara who own a 2 acre property including a 1.3 acre fenced yard in rural Central Florida west of Orlando. Butterfly Charlie does love to run, so his new forever home is ideal hunting grounds for chasing butterflies.

Charlie’s new human parents had a Pointer before and have welcomed Butterfly Charlie to create even more happy memories. The Lifeline staff is very grateful to Kevin and Sara for opening their home, their hearts, and their lives to another Pointer rescue dog.

Happy Tails to all.

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