Dakota Update and Chipin Countdown

husky dakota and surgical incision

Husky Dakota and Surgical Incision

This important Dakota update and Chipin countdown is a report for donors and supporters of the recovery of Dakota the white female Husky. Public funding towards the target $6000 for pre-op, surgery, and aftercare has stalled at $2760 which is just under 50% of the goal with just 10 days left.

Please continue to promote donations and support Dakota by cross posting her Chipin on Twitter and Facebook.

Dakota has proven worthy of that outpouring of support by fighting back after being struck by a car and having urgent and critical surgery on Saturday, April 12, 2012.

She’s shown posing here earlier this week after having staples and stitches removed and resting quietly to allow a photo of her surgical incision.

The inset at the lower left is a happier and healthier Dakota on her way home after that procedure.

Dakota will make a full recovery. At 2 years old she has youth and the determination to survive on her side. She received excellent emergency medical care from the surgical team who brought her back from the brink of certain death.

Public support with funding has been generous and is greatly appreciated. Please note that as of this date and counting today, there are only 10 days left in the Chipin countdown before her campaign for donations expires.

Brief History of the Rescue of Dakota

Lifeline Dog Rescue stepped in to take action in response to an urgent alert as an adoption partner to Pasco County Animal Services. We had to act quickly yet responsibly because medical cost quotes were significant. An early proposal was $11,000 up front and no service until funds cleared. We passed.

The best solution was an estimate at $8000 with half down and the balance due post-op regardless of the outcome.

At times the prognosis and odds of survival ranged from 20% to 80%, yet medical staff cautioned that without exploratory surgery they could not guarantee survival overnight at various phases including before, during, and immediately after surgery.

Once surgery was done and the critical first 48 hours passed, the odds for survival became 100%. Dakota still needed 45 days for recuperation.

Though some might argue that the cost-benefit-risk analysis required considering euthanasia, more than once someone stepped up and said “no”. To date more than 100 heroes have made the difference.

List of 100+ Heroes Who Helped Save Dakota

  • Pasco County Animal Services are heroes for the urgent call for a rescue or adopter.
  • The foster mom near Pasco County willing to take care of Dakota is another hero.
  • The veterinarian, Heather, who located a weekend emergency clinic at a practical price.
  • Dr. Kim Cox, surgeon, and her medical team at Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists are heroes.
  • The 100+ animal advocates who donated funds for saving Dakota are likewise all heroes.
  • Finally, literally 100’s of Dakota fans promoted and cross posted on Twitter and Facebook.

The exploratory surgery and procedure went well. Internal injuries were serious and critical, yet took less time than anticipated to repair. The final bill for pre-op, surgery, and aftercare came in at $6000 which was $2000 less than the original estimates.

The choice by Lifeline Dog Rescue to push forward and fund prepayment of the medical treatment for Dakota was driven by 1) our mission as a non-profit dog rescue, 2) the sweet and gentle temperament of Dakota, and 3) confidence that public support would help with funding.

We do not regret the choice to save Dakota. Please help us help more dogs. Please donate, share, and continue to promote the Dakota Chipin Campaign to meet the $6000 goal by the expiration date on May 10, 2012.

Thanks, again, to the 100+ heroes whose time, skill, and generosity saved our precious Dakota.

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