Adopt Our Blue Weimaraner Puppy Pair

buster luna thumbnail photo Lifeline Dog Rescue of Florida has listed two new purebred dogs for people looking to adopt our Blue Weimaraner puppy pair.

Buster and Luna, beautiful male and female 1 year old purebred Blue Weimaraners, are not related yet came to Lifeline from the same family.

Identify each in this slideshow by their collar or obvious gender traits. Luna, the female, is wearing blue and Buster’s collar is red.

Purebred Blue Weimaraners Luna and Buster Slideshow

Our preference is to place both purebred Blue Weimaraner dogs together even though they originated from different sets of canine parents. Since weaned they were raised in one human family that included multiple children.

Luna and Buster are comfortable around other dogs, children, and strangers. They love walks, playing fetch, the dog park, and car rides. Both are crate trained and housebroken, and come when called.

Both are strong and high energy dogs which is typical of Weimaraners. Luna and Buster may need to be crated at night or if left alone at home to avoid any mischief at least until they mature.

The ideal adoption family will have an active lifestyle, plus the strength and discipline to provide the exercise and training that these large puppies will need.

Please note that readers interested in adopting either puppy as individuals are encouraged to apply. They are still young, so the transition to different forever homes will certainly be considered if no one else applies looking to adopt a Blue Weimaraner puppy pair.

View adoption profiles linked at Luna the female Blue Weimaraner and Buster the male Blue Weimaraner. If already placed for adoption, those profile links will take you to their forever home Happy Tails story.

All dogs ready for adoption from Lifeline Dog Rescue are spayed or neutered and up to date on shots.

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