Female Weimaraner on Freedom Flight

A new rescue dog addition arrived by private plane earlier today, and has settled in at the Lifeline Dog Rescue facility in Florida. The photograph shown here is female Weimaraner, Lee, on her freedom flight from North Carolina to Central Florida.

female weimaraner lee on freedom flight

Female Weimaraner Lee on Freedom Flight Peers Down at the Ground Through the Plane Window

We agreed to accept Lee after a local North Carolina rescue volunteer contacted Lifeline and asked our staff to consider this 3 year old stray female Weimaraner who was held in a public animal shelter.

The in-flight photo above shows Lee in the first leg of her trip while peering out the plane window before settling in and taking a nap.

Lee was flown courtesy of Pilots N Paws, a non-profit group of volunteer pilots, and arrived in a 3 hop itinerary from North Carolina to South Carolina, South Carolina to Jacksonville Florida, and then Jacksonville to Orlando Florida.

A special thanks goes out to the volunteer pilots Brett, Michael, and Walt, who each flew 1 leg of the 3 hop itinerary. Likewise, other volunteers and coordinators gave up part of their Easter weekend to help this beautiful female Weimaraner on her journey to safety and eventual adoption.

It will only be a matter of days before Lee can put away the fear and uncertainty of being abandoned to life on the street. She has arrived safely and is already enjoying the comfort of Lifeline Dog Rescue – Where Dogs Learn to Smile Again!

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