Dakota Emergency Rescue Still Urgent

husky dakota bandaged after surgery

Husky Dakota Bandaged After Surgery

Donations for the Dakota emergency surgery Chipin campaign have been impressive, yet we still need more donors to step forward. Without hitting our $6000 goal, we may have to turn away other dogs, so the Dakota emergency rescue is still urgent.

Please don’t forget our beautiful Husky rescue dog.

We are still below 40% of the total goal. The other 60% of the funding needed was already spent by Lifeline on credit cards to save this dog, and must still be paid.

That dent in the budget could mean we can’t help another urgent high risk dog.

Since her release from the hospital on 16 April 2012 the donations for Dakota have tapered off to near zero as of April 19th and shown here.

The goal is $6000. Imagine the horror last weekend when one clinic quoted $11,000 up front and no service until payment cleared.

Here’s more about the donations history for Dakota.

Dakota Chipin Donations

April 13: $310*
April 14: $590
April 15: $1005
April 16: $315
April 17: $110
April 18: $25
April 19: $10
To Date: $2365 (39% of $6000 Goal)

* Includes April 11-13

We can understand the reluctance to donate expressed in comments on some posts found on Facebook pages when her condition was critical without a clear answer about her chance for survival. She survived because more than once in the last 10 days someone said “no” to euthanasia. She survived because more than once she defied the odds when told “She may not live through the night”.

Some may think: Dakota will live. The medical bills are paid. Time to help another dog.

In truth, generous donors HAVE contributed $2365 for Dakota to date. She will live. The payments to the great team of medical professionals that made this happen were paid by Lifeline up front. However, like most private rescue organizations who pour personal resources into their non-profit, the charges to Visa and other credit cards likewise must still be paid.

We still need people to help. Without meeting the $6000 goal for Dakota, the shortfall may limit our resources to accept other dogs at high risk. Unlike some public dog rescue organizations that cannot react quickly to helping dogs in urgent situations because they must first seek approval of a board of directors, Lifeline decides and acts immediately.

The Cost to Save a Healthy Rescue Dog

From experience, when we take in a healthy rescue dog that passes evaluation and is made adoptable, they stay at Lifeline for an average of 3 months at $100 per month. That includes shelter, food, monthly heartworm and flea prevention, and routine medical care, so each costs us at least $300. A $3600 shortfall meeting the goal for Dakota could mean the difference between saving another 12 dogs at $300 each, or affect decisions to accept new cases with urgent medical conditions.

Please, don’t let this happen. A special thanks goes out to ALL donors including Allison, April, Bailey, Barbara, and Rachel who each contributed more than once as of today, as well as Barbara, Lynn, Paul, Richard, and Terri who each donated $100 or more. Last names are kept anonymous, yet you know who you are. Likewise, we truly appreciate the other 68 contributors who have helped Dakota.

Lost Dog Owner Inquiries About Dakota

Special Note: Two parties have contacted Lifeline about lost white Husky dogs thinking Dakota might be theirs. One was described as 5 years old, and the other as a 1 year old born in March a year ago. Dakota is 2 years old as verified by veterinarians and the surgeon who performed her surgery.

The lost dog closest in age to Dakota responds to her name according to the owner, yet Dakota did not react or respond to that name including variations despite repeated attempts over a period of time.

We wish both the best for a happy outcome in search of their lost pets.

Please continue to promote, cross post and share Dakota’s Chipin goal to help us help more dogs. Thanks.

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