Video Story of Charlie the Rescue Dog

Watch our delightful rescue dog Charlie enjoy playing with other dogs and in the lake at Lifeline Dog Rescue in Florida. The full text narration of his video is included below for persons who prefer to read or the hearing impaired. (Playtime: 04:36 min./sec.)

Narration of the Story of Charlie the Rescue Dog

This video shows Charlie the rescue dog 3 days after his March 15th 2012 arrival at Lifeline Dog Rescue in Okeechobee, Florida.

We nicknamed him Chocolate Charlie. You’ll notice he is a bit tentative about getting in the lake.

Charlie was pulled from a kill shelter in N Carolina by a local rescue group, and then held in temporary foster while volunteer coordinators arranged transportation to Florida.

Two pilots from Pilots N Paws, a nonprofit group of volunteer pilots who transport rescue pets in their private planes, brought Charlie to Florida. Charlie flew from N Carolina to Georgia with pilot Richard, and then Georgia to Florida with pilot Michael.

We owe a special thanks to them and all the volunteers involved in making this happen.

Charlie has adjusted well. He arrived on March 15th, quickly passed evaluation, and all footage in this video was taken on Sunday, March 18th. Early the next week he was neutered and then listed as available for adoption on March 23rd.

The large private lake on the 3 acre fenced property of Lifeline Dog Rescue is a centerpiece of recreation where all our dogs run and play nearly every day.

Charlie is a happy and friendly puppy, and gets along well with people plus all the other dogs, large and small.

The vet estimates his age at around 15 months. Contrary to identification by the public kill shelter, we have listed him as a Pointer Mix.

The white Pointer with brown markings in this video, and being followed around by Chocolate Charlie, is also named Charlie.

He’s 1, and runs constantly chasing down butterflies and dragonflies around the lake.

Chocolate Charlie thinks it’s a running game, or game of tag, as he follows the other Charlie round and round the lake. He doesn’t realize his pal Charlie is hunting.

The more he plays and observes the other dogs enjoying the lake, Charlie finally gives up on the running game and takes to the water.

The experience is obviously very new. Notice how delighted he is just splashing. He carefully studies cause and effect, and quickly learns his front paws can create splash on demand.

At other times he spins and turns in the water. The smiles and obvious joy of being a puppy is a thrill to watch.

Eventually the exercise takes its toll, and it’s nap time. In a minute we show Charlie resting on a pile of sand left over from recent construction adding runs to the rescue property. He checks left and right before settling in for a well deserved break.

Chocolate Charlie certainly has above average looks and personality. He may or may not be adopted by the time you view this video. Visit our website at and check under the tab for Our Dogs to see if he’s still listed.

Check out all the other dogs while there, and please share our work with friends on Facebook or Twitter, as well.

The staff of Lifeline Dog Rescue looks forward to many more happy stories like The Story of Charlie the Rescue Dog.

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