Pointer Sister Teamwork at Lifeline

Our twin purebred English Pointer sisters Angel and Flounder, aged 7, put on an unusual display of teamwork last weekend. It was a gorgeous day at the Lifeline Dog Rescue facility in Okeechobee Florida, and the twin Pointers were out with all the other dogs enjoying the 3 acre grassy play area and private lake.

This series of 3 photographs was taken about 1 minute apart and tells an interesting story.

angel stands frozen pointing flounder watches angel on point twin pointer sisters on target

Left: Angel stood frozen on point for several minutes before this photo was taken. What did she see?
Center: Sister Flounder notices her twin on point, and stays motionless ready to spring into action.
Right: Twin Pointers Angel and Flounder converge as they surround the object of curiosity – a stick.

Angel and Flounder were owner surrenders, and are available for adoption from Lifeline Dog Rescue. They are 7 years old and have been together since birth, and obviously they share a bond as well as team instincts for hunting.

Their lifetime bonds as twin sisters explains why we prefer to adopt Angel and Flounder together.

Both twin English Pointers like cats, dogs, children, or strangers, plus walking and swimming. They are obedience trained, housebroken, come when called, walk on a lead, and know the commands sit and stay. Flounder is sweet and goofy. Angel is especially loving and likes being close to people.

To check if these lovable and entertaining sisters are still available for adoption, visit the profile of Pointer Angel and the profile of Pointer Flounder in our adoptable section. If adopted, the link will take you to their adoption and forever home story.

Finally, want to see full size photos of the pictures shown above with these twin Pointers at work? View their set of 12 purebred Pointer Sister photographs on Flickr.

Note: Like a challenge? Try telling them apart in those 12 photos without looking at the name in the text. Have fun.

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