Pair of Weimaraner Dogs Adopted

Lifeline is pleased to announce a pair of Weimaraner dogs adopted, as male Triton and female Harley moved to a new forever home. Triton and Harley lived together in North Florida, and were owner surrenders except the owner chose to “home foster” both rather than have them go through transition at Lifeine.

adopted weims male triton and female harley

Adopted Weimaraners Male Triton (Left) and Female Harley (Right)

Lifeline Dog Rescue coordinated and arranged a meeting between the new human parents, Jennifer and Gabe, to visit the previous owner and interact with both dogs. Triton and Harley were an instant hit and the decision to adopt was almost immediate.

The owner since commented “I spoke with Jennifer today and she said that they are doing wonderful. She said that Harley and Triton are a perfect fit for their family. She couldn’t say enough good things about them and their interaction with the kids.”

It’s easy to understand the difficulty of giving up such wonderful dogs, so it must have been satisfying to know that their new family is able to give them the quality time they deserve. His work and situation meant leaving the dogs up to 12-15 hours per day, so the sadness is lessened knowing they will get more family attention in their new life.

Readers may view our Triton the male adoption story and Harley the female Weim story for an adoption summary of each.

Thank you for accepting Triton and Harley into their new forever home, Jennifer and Gabe. We wish you, the children, and these two beautiful purebred Weimaraners a long and happy life.

Special Note: For readers familiar with Harley the male Weimaraner in rehabilitation after undergoing paw surgery, the female Weimaraner Harley in this Happy Tails is a different dog. Male Weim Harley is still recovering as of the date of this post, and will require another 6-8 weeks for full recovery.

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