Bella Adopted 10 Days After Her Mom

female weimaraner bella and dad preston

Female Weimaraner Bella and Dad, Preston

Bella, the 3 year old female purebred Weimaraner, was adopted 10 days after her Mom, Averie, a 4 year old Weimaraner. The photo shown is Bella and new human Dad, Preston, posing before leaving Lifeline Dog Rescue.

Bella and her mother Averie were pulled from a public shelter in Central Florida, and at first we tried to adopt them as a couple. During their stay at the Lifeline Dog Rescue facility it became obvious they grew more and more independent, and that being adopted as individuals would not be a problem.

Preston and Bella will share a forever home in Palm Beach County, Florida. Preston lives an active lifestyle which suits the high energy needs of the Weimaraner breed. Knowing the breed will help make the transition easier for both.

Planned activities include going for walks, the park, the dog park, swimming, and shopping.

On his adoption request form, Preston stated:

Bella closely resembles my last Weim in both appearance and temperament. She seems to have a high energy level, which matches my athletic lifestyle. I can provide shelter and care for this animal in a safe environment. I also like the fact that Weimaraners are a protective breed around the house.

Thank you for assisting so many dogs in need. ~Preston

Each time we place a dog in their forever home it is a time for great joy which overcomes the sadness knowing they’re leaving. Our purpose is all about the dogs, and each one that is adopted makes room for another rescue.

Thank you, Preston, for taking Bella into your home and your life. Thank you, as well, for your kind comments about the work we do. We wish you health and happiness for years to come while building lasting memories with Bella.

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