Set of Harley Portraits on Flickr

Fans of Harley the 8 year old male Weimaraner recovering from surgery may now view a set of 6 Harley portraits on Flickr. These are pre-op photographs taken 3 days before his surgery on February 16, 2012. Most are close up shots.

harley the weim portrait collage

Harley the Weimaraner Portrait Collage

Follow this link to view photos tagged Harley, and then select thumbnails on Flickr to enjoy large photographs including the one with a huge big smile.

Unlike our blog or posts on Facebook, the versions on Flickr include full size originals suitable for printing on photo quality paper at home or from a professional service. While we will continue to update his progress including photographs on this blog and Facebook, we will wait for his recovery before adding anything less than high quality photos of a healthy Harley to Flickr.

Please view his photographs and share with friends. There’s a share option on Flickr so you can post them on your Facebook wall or tweet about them on Twitter. Harley has been through a lot in just one month, and he faces another two months of recovery, so please help us help him by keeping his story posted and cross posted.

Efforts to promote his cause and motivate donors to help will continue. Harley deserves as much.

However, we’re tempted to apologize for the frequent reminders for people to donate and promote Harley’s open ChipIn campaign, yet there are reasons for needing support to cover his costs for pre-op, surgery, and aftercare. We are a non-profit. Our staff is all volunteer. Every dollar collected will go to Harley.

Until we’re better established, the majority of funding for the rescue work we do comes from personal funds. Operating in the red is expected for up to 2 years, yet until we generate more private support, that means that every dollar our fans donate goes 100% to the dogs.

Keep in mind that without donations for Harley we’re helping fewer dogs. At an average of $100 per month and 90 days to place dogs for adoption, the $3000 plus for Harley (minus donations to date) equals personal funds spent for him that could have helped 10 other dogs.

Harley is a great dog and deserves proper care. We will not deny him anything less than the best. We’re thrilled his surgery was a success. Final results have confirmed the benign growth was not disease. The specialist determined it was due to trauma, and he is confident the tumor will not return.

In 8 weeks Harley will be back to running, playing, and swimming as good as ever. Our sacrifices now ensure many more happy days in Harley’s future. Please enjoy his photos on Flickr, and then join us in promoting his $1500 campaign. While that’s less than half of Harley’s actual cost, those bills are due and paid at the time service is rendered.

Meeting that $1500 campaign goal is still important because it is the equivalent to allow us to fund the food, shelter, vet care, and promotion to place 5 more dogs!

Again, a special thanks to all the people who have donated and promoted for Harley to date. Please continue. If he could talk, Harley would say “Thank you”, too!

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