Pointer Sisters Playing at Lifeline

pointer sisters angel and flounder

Pointer Sisters Angel and Flounder

Our specialty is the Weimaraner breed, yet we are certainly thrilled to have Pointer sisters playing at Lifeline Dog Rescue.

Their father is here, and plays with them, too!

The Pointer sisters arrived at Lifeline Dog Rescue on Sunday, and have been playing on our 3 acre dog rescue property and around the lake every day since.

The girls are not here for a benefit event or fundraising performance.

Here’s their story and how it all came about.

These are twin sister English Pointer rescue dogs Angel and Flounder who were recently surrendered and get along great with all the other Lifeline rescue dogs.

The photo shown above is Angel (left) and Flounder (right) who are 7 year old twin English Pointer sisters.

They were caught up in a divorce as the human parents split up and moved to separate no pets allowed apartments. The owners agreed to surrender all 3 dogs to Lifeline. Each dog has passed evaluation, and now all are available for adoption.

Please view the adoption profiles for Pointer sisters Angel the female Pointer and twin Pointer sister Flounder and consider adopting both. They have been playing together all their lives, and it would be ideal if someone took all 3 including the father.

Zippy the Dad is 9 years old with chocolate and white colors. Follow this link to the dog adoption profile of Zippy the male English Pointer.

Please follow the links and then share profiles of these adorable dogs. That way other people can see Pointer sisters playing at Lifeline Dog Rescue, plus see photos of their Dad!

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