Photo Story of Bert and Ernie PDF

bert ernie ebook portrait

Bert and Ernie Ebook Portrait

The team at Lifeline Dog Rescue is happy to announce the release of the Photo Story of Rescue Dogs Bert and Ernie as a PDF download. This 9 page ebook (pdf, 1.3mb) includes 16 photographs and tells the story of Boxer Mix Bert and Pitbull Mix Ernie, two mutts who were rescued from death row in December.

Both suffered health problems with mite infestations that caused fur loss, and Ernie in particular looked bad with nearly bare skin and many sores. The mite problem is not contagious, so full recovery was possible.

However, the real problem is the time contraints for keeping dogs in public shelters. An online social media blitz brought their plight to the attention of Lifeline Dog Rescue through Facebook. We stepped in and with the help of volunteers near the shelter, both were pulled and transferred to our rescue facility for rehabilitation.

The ebook is dedicated to all those wonderful volunteers. Rather than individually thank each volunteer who donated time, energy, or money to save Bert and Ernie, we thought it would be faster and more rewarding to show them that they DID make a difference.

Readers may want to adopt Bert the Boxer Mix who is already listed for adoption after a full recovery. Ernie was in much worse shape and will require another 30-60 days. Read the ebook. See the before and after pictures. You may tear up with sadness near the beginning, or tears of joy towards the end.

Please read and download a copy, and then email, print, or share the Photo Story of Rescue Dogs Bert and Ernie with your family and friends. Post the link on Facebook or Twitter. Write about or promote it on your blog.

This is just one example of dogs that some would describe as pathetic being transformed just like the frog to a prince in fairy tales.

Update of the Status of Ernie: Ernie is listed as available for adoption. Please view and share the adoption profile for Pitbull Mix Ernie. He’s practically famous, and deserves a forever family and home!

Note: If adopted, the link to his profile goes to his Happy Tails forever home story.

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4 comments on “Photo Story of Bert and Ernie PDF
  1. Susan Collins says:

    This is a wonderful example of the power of social networking for good. It is particularly noticeable in the animal rescue community where there are so many thousands of healthy, adoptable and handsome in need every day of the year, throughout the entire country and beyond. Many of the dogs are not so lucky in the health department since they have been neglected or mistreated but the homeless healthy dog and the homeless unhealthy one both need our help and Facebook is a Godsend for all dogs who need help. The Facebook community pours out its energies on networking with rescues, donating to Chip-ins for sponsorship, medical, transportation, posting stories, and keeping the ones in need on their personal ‘radar’ and resharing as necessary until a happy result of fostering/rescuing/adopting becomes a reality. Some are not so lucky and ‘fall through the cracks’ in spite of this amazing network of volunteers but their stories and pictures leave behind a permanent place in the hearts of many thousands of dedicated animal lovers around the world. People from all over the world share in this daily story of hope and sacrifice and joy and sadness. I’m happy to be a part of it all. Until they don’t need us any more — until people will behave responsibly and realize that having a pet is a LIFETIME thing, not a convenience thing — until people stop breeding and buying in pet stores — until the puppy mills are all shut down — and until neutering and spaying becomes the norm, the Facebook ‘army of compassion’ will work on behalf of all in need…our homeless, abused, and discarded four-legged friends.

  2. dridgeon says:

    Well said, Susan. Considering your statement “…there are so many thousands of healthy, adoptable and handsome in need”, Bert and Ernie were an exception being just the opposite. When taken by animal control as strays, they were neither healthy, adoptable, or handsome.

    Look at them now! Given the chance, care, and attention at Lifeline to rise to their potential, Bert and Ernie became healthy, adoptable, AND handsome in just 3 months. It could not have happened without the network of animal advocates promoting their story on Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Ngaire Lucaites says:

    Denise This story brought me to tears but also happiness as to the wonderful care that Lifeline rescue gave to Bert and Ernie Its absolutely amazing the transformation that took place from beginning to end You couldn’t even tell they were the same dogs that you took in Thank you for sharing their wonderful story and being their life savers If only dogs could talk they would say thank you There is a special place in heaven for you Denise . You have a heart full of compassion for animals

  4. dridgeon says:

    Thank you for your kind comments, Ngaire. Our parent company is named Central Florida Weimaraner & Dog Rescue, Inc., for a reason. The partners each have Weimaraners as personal pets, and know their personality and needs very well, so we specialize in that dog breed. However, the “& Dog” in our corporate name means we are animal rescue advocates for all breeds including mixed.

    Bert and Ernie are one example of many providing evidence of our willingness to help high risk dogs. Their story and remarkable recovery validates our decision to step up without wondering if they would ever become “adoptable” as wonderful additions to a forever family.

    Bert and Ernie are friendly and lovable, show no aggression, are very healthy, socialize well with people and our other dogs, and have the temperament and behavior to be ideal family pets. They certainly deserved a second chance.

    Because of the generosity and promotional activity of you and others, we have grown beyond expectations in less than one year since we chose to incorporate. Again, thank you for your compliments and support.

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