Harley the Weimaraner Surgery Update

harley the weim by lake

Harley the Weimaraner by Lake

This Harley the Weimaraner surgery update includes a special thanks to all who made donations and cross posted his story.

The photo of Harley shown here was taken last Monday near the lake on the 3 acre Lifeline facility in Okeechobee Florida where Harley went for an outing. Knowing what he faced later in the week, he certainly deserved his day of fun running and playing with the other dogs and swimming in the lake.

The last 24 hours have been traumatic for Harley though the surgery to remove the benign growth on his paw went well and he is resting at home. The most positive outcome is the surgeon did NOT have to remove a toe! During surgery they discovered the tumor had not bonded to the tendons as expected during his initial evaluation.

However, his follow up visits are required 3 times a week for 2 weeks to observe progress and change bandages and then continue twice a week during recovery and recuperation for up to 2 months.

Harley did not stay overnight after surgery because he became unmanageable struggling with the hospital staff, and had to be restrained and muzzled. They contacted us to pick him up around 4:00 p.m. although he was running a high fever which needed to be controlled before being approved for release.

We spent time comforting him until his release around 10:00 p.m. At home Harley resisted taking his pain meds and antibiotics. He has tenderness and limiited mobility, yet managed to urinate once and eventually slept well through the night. Though cautioned he may not move his bowels for a week or more, this morning he did it all and we’re not sure who was more relieved – Harley or us.

Harley resists eating and taking his meds though the situation is improving slowly. He faces a difficult two month road to recovery including additional costs that continue to add up, yet we will not deny him the care he needs right now.

As of today, we have met nearly 30% of the ChipIn campaign to cover the initial estimate for surgery though the actual amount plus medications and aftercare turns out to be considerably more. Hitting 100% or exceeding the amount of this campaign is an important goal.

Please continue promoting his story to help fund this wonderful and brave dog’s recovery. He will continue in “foster” care at the home of Lifeline Dog Rescue owner Denise Ridgeon where he has been since arriving from Ohio.

Thank you, again, to ALL the wonderful and generous dog lovers who stepped up to help us help Harley!

Readers may follow recovery updates on the Lifeline Facebook page for additional details of Harley the Weimaraner’s surgery and recuperation.

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