Harley Does His Weego Dog Impression

harley does his weego impression

Harley Does His Weego Dog Impression

Rescue dog Nugget starring as Weego during Super Bowl LXVI in the Bud Light commercial proves a rescue mutt can be a super star. A dog delivering beer?

Our 8 year old Weimaraner, Harley, may have missed his opportunity. Harley could become a rescue dog star if he didn’t have more serious problems on his mind. He’s recovering from surgery before becoming adoptable, or famous.

Check out the photo here and the big Weimaraner smile as Harley does his Weego dog impression. He needs your help.

The average cost for food, shelter, and medical care including meds for each of our rescue dogs is $100 per month. For Harley, his first month here approached $2600 in medical costs.

Followup care for another 8 weeks could add $1000. We do have a campaign for donations going.

Without royalty checks for Harley in Super Bowl commercials, we’ll have to depend on the kind and generous donors who have become Lifeline Dog Rescue fans.

For now and just for fun, compare Harley the rescue dog doing his Weego impression in the photo above to the photo of Weego the rescue dog star from his Bud Light page on Facebook. Harley has the good looks and smile to be featured in a commercial. Again, he has been distracted lately.

For those who may not know about the background of Weego from the Super Bowl commercial, his real name is Nugget. He is 4 years old and weighs 9 lbs., and was dumped on the street and then rescued from a kill shelter before becoming a star. Maybe Harley still has a chance at stardom. Harley was an owner surrender, yet even though he avoided going to a shelter, other perils must be overcome.

For readers following the odyssey of Harley, it began in Ohio on January 14, 2012 as featured in this blog post about the Incredible Journey of Harley the Weim. In 1-2 hour segments he passed from 1 to the next of 16 volunteer drivers in a complex and very well coordinated transfer to get from Ohio to Florida.

Harley had what was described as a boil before leaving Ohio that the Lifeline Dog Rescue veterinarian and later a surgeon determined was a tumor. A biopsy and lab tests confirmed it was benign. Ka-ching $800.

The specialists recommended surgery, estimated at $1500, to remove the growth on his right back paw that was larger than a golf ball on top plus intertwined between toes and the pads around the bottom. Surgery was done on February 16, 2012. Ka-ching, the estimate with meds became $1800.

8 weeks of followup visits, exams, and bandage changes will be necessary. Ka-ching $1000.

The initial $2600 for medical costs alone was more than expected. A $1500 goal was previously set on a donations page for Harley’s surgery to help fund the unexpected costs. To date, people have donated 43%, or $650, so we have a way to go to make the $1500 goal.

Harley did well. He walks on 3 legs and tires easily. He needs to be tricked into taking his meds and antibiotics, yet after his first followup with the surgeon, his prognosis is back to normal in 8 weeks. You can read the blog post with the Harley the Weimaraner Surgery Update for additional details about his progress.

Readers are asked to keep the Weim Harley Surgery ChipIn campaign active by sharing, tweeting, and posting to encourage people to donate for his benefit.

Lifeline Dog Rescue’s mission is “all about the dogs” and our slogan is “Where dogs learn to smile again”. Please help Harley smile again.

Who knows? Harley may be the next Dog Rescue Super Star, much like Weego in the Super Bowl commercial, once he has healed and gets back to his former health.

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