ChipIn Campaign: Weim Harley Surgery

Readers are asked to open their hearts and wallets to help Harley our male Weimaraner owner surrender who requires $1500 for surgery in February for a huge benign growth on and between his toes on one back paw.

This does not include more than $800 in veterinary care already spent for office visits and lab tests including a biopsy prior to being referred to a specialist for surgery. Likewise, the $1500 for surgery does not include followup post-op visits during his recuperation.

View the Weim Harley Surgery profile, and then use the ChipIn payment button to donate securely through Paypal.

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Weim Harley Surgery Profile

Campaign: Weim Harley Surgery
Organizer: Lifeline Dog Rescue
Location: Florida USA
Goal: $1500
Status: Expires 12 Mar 2012

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harley the weim surgery portrait

Harley the Weim Surgery ChipIn Portrait

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Harley the Weim Surgery ChipIn Paw

Donate Here or Visit Harley’s ChipIn Page

Donations are processed by Paypal, the secure online way to transfer funds. Select the ChipIn button above to donate here or visit Harley’s ChipIn page. His page includes more details about his story, and may have updates on his condition, new photos showing progress, or comments if any from donors.

Harley arrived with a growth on one paw which tests prove is benign. He is available for adoption immediately, however, Lifeline has been referred by our veterinarian to a specialist to have the growth surgically removed. View the adoption page for Harley’s story. We will pay medical costs and transport him round trip from his new home for preliminary office calls and the surgery.

Please ChipIn and donate to help Harley recover. Any amount as little as a dollar will add up to reach our goal. You may view all ChipIn blog posts for Lifeline Dog Rescue and others we selected to support.

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3 comments on “ChipIn Campaign: Weim Harley Surgery
  1. Corky says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery later this morning, Harley. We had fun on Monday playing in the lake at Lifeline. You’re a big, happy, friendly doggy and deserve to fully enjoy life. ~Your new pal, Corky *woof

  2. Taylor says:

    i hope this puppy gets evreything it needs…the little sweetheart

  3. dridgeon says:

    Thanks Corky and Taylor. The good news is he didn’t need a toe removed, plus a 2nd biopsy and prognosis show it is benign and it is very unlikely to return.

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