Happy Weimaraner and His New Family

One look and you’ll understand why we were thrilled to receive this photo of happy Weimaraner Walter and his new family. Who would YOU say has the bigger smile?

happy weim walter and new dad scott

Walter the Weimaraner and New Dad Scott (taken by new Mom - Heather)

The mission of Lifeline Dog Rescue is all about the dogs, and not just our rescue dogs. Sometimes we are facilitators between parties without the formality of accepting a surrender, promoting placement in a forever home, and then doing the formal adoption.

That was the case of Walter the happy Weim and his new parents Scott and Heather, who missed adopting a Lifeline male Weimaraner literally by minutes after someone else already committed to adoption. Fortunately, a pending surrender of another male Weim provided a solution.

Walter the Weimaraner was a pending owner surrender to Lifeline Dog Rescue. Rather than accept Walter and have him adjust to a temporary home at Lifeline, we connected both parties for an introduction and owner to owner surrender. We attended the meeting which went very well, and Walter left to live with Scott and Heather in his new forever home.

Thank you, Scott, for emailing us the wonderful photograph. We wish you, Heather, and Walter a long and happy life together!

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2 comments on “Happy Weimaraner and His New Family
  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Denise and Lifeline Dog Rescue,

    Thank you for linking us up with Scott and Heather. Giving up Walter has been by far one of the hardest things we’ve had to do. He has been such a huge part of our lives and we love him so dearly…so much that we had to make the difficult choice of finding him a wonderful home where he would be able to have the happiest life possible.

    One of our goals was to find a loving home for Walter to go directly. We did not want him to go to a rescue or shelter. We wanted him to go to his next home where he would have an easy transition. It is amazing how everything just aligned, and through you guys, we connected with Scott and Heather. Thank you for all of your support during and after the process. You helped make a difficult moment much more bearable and truly helped us find the best parents for Walter.

    As you mention on this post, these smiles say it all. We could not be any happier to know he is adjusting well to his new, amazing parents. Although we miss him so much, we could not feel any more comfort than the one we feel knowing that he has gone home with such loving and wonderful people. We have such confidence that they will be one big happy family and he will always be part our our family in our hearts.

    You truly do an amazing job and that you pour heart and soul into this organization.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

    Andrea and Kaluka

  2. dridgeon says:

    Thank you Andrea and Kaluka!

    Your compliments and kind comments are greatly appreciated. We are especially mindful of the heartache involved when people feel compelled to surrender a dog in what was planned as lifelong companionship. Circumstances do change which we understand, yet we strive to provide feedback on our site, blog, and Facebook page so people like yourselves are aware they made the right choice, and a good choice.

    It was a pleasure meeting and working with you to ensure the best interests of Walter, and we stand ready if circumstances change to help you or others that you may recommend to Lifeline Dog Rescue in the future. Thanks, again, from me and the entire staff for taking the time to comment and allowing us help facilitate placing your dog in a great new home.

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