Family Wanted and Must Love Weims

weim mother daughter averie and bella

Weim Mother Averie (left) and Daughter Bella (right)

Weimaraner dog families are similar to human familes who bond, become close, and experience separation anxiety. Our current resident Weims include a family pair ready for adoption named Averie and Bella whose listing could read: Family Wanted and Must Love Weims.

Weims is a nickname for the Weimaraner dog breed which is the specialty of Lifeline Dog Rescue in Central Florida. Most of the Weimaraner rescue dogs under our care are individuals surrendered from a family or transferred from a foster group or public shelter.

Averie (left) and Bella (right) shown in the photo are a mother-daughter family exception.

Averie, age 4, is a female purebred Weimaraner and the mother of Bella, age 3, who is also a female purebred Weimaraner. This mother and daughter pair has lived together for 3 years, were surrendered as a pair due to foreclosure, and our goal was to place both to one family with the resources, energy, and lifestyle suitable for adopting 2 Weimaraners. (Note: See the update at the bottom of this post.)

If you love Weims, and meet the requirements listed, please consider adopting Averie or Bella. During evaluation and observation at Lifeline, it became obvious these two are actually very independent and will do well being adopted individually.

The decision to adopt a Weimaraner cannot be taken lightly. This is a strong and active dog originally bred for hunting. They love running and playing in water, staying close to their human family members, and may tolerate cats if introduced to them as puppies.

Bella and Averie are each listed individually in the Dogs for Adoption section of the Lifeline Dog Rescue website. Please review the profiles of Weim mom Averie and Weim daughter Bella to see how well they might fit as an exciting addition to your family.

The adoption process with Lifeline Dog Rescue is fairly simple. Check profiles of dogs available for adoption, and then follow these links to review the dog adoption process and then complete the adoption request dog rescue form to adopt female Weimaraner dogs Averie and Bella.

Make our “Family Wanted and Must Love Weims” headline a reality for this wonderful pair of purebred Weimaraners.

UPDATE 18 Jan 2012: Averie and Bella are available for adoption as individuals as each continues to develop independent behavior suitable for adoption to separate homes.

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