Duke the Granpa Weimaraner Resident

Our newest resident dog at Lifeline Dog Rescue is a 15 year old senior Weimaraner named Duke and his nickname is Granpa. The photo shown was taken at our dog rescue property since Duke was rescued at the request of an owner surrender. Lifeline stepped in to give Duke the Granpa Weimaraner a lifetime retirement home to enjoy his remaining golden years.

duke the granpa weimaraner

Duke the Granpa Weimaraner and Senior Resident at Lifeline Dog Rescue

Duke is not listed for adoption. Instead, this majestic Weim will be treated as royalty just like the name Duke implies. 12 is old for a Weimaraner and most any large dog, so Duke the Granpa is a very senior dog at 15. Though rare, some Weimaraners do live to be 17 or 18.

Duke the Granpa Weimaraner resident has settled in at Lifeline. We decided it will be best for Duke to live out his life as the senior resident dog at Lifeline Dog Rescue rather than have his routine disrupted again by going through the adoption process. Duke enjoys exploring our 3 acre facility. He is dearly loved and no trouble at all.

Readers are welcome to make a donation and specify it is for Duke’s retirement. He is certainly a grand and majestic Weimaraner, and deserves to enjoy his golden years.

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