Abandoned Weimaraner Home for Christmas

weimaraner murphy and owner reunited Lifeline Dog Rescue is so pleased to facilitate a successful outcome with another abandoned Weimaraner happy ending. The photo shown is Murphy, a male Weimaraner dog, and his original owner being reunited Sunday, 18 December 2011.

An abandoned Weimaraner home for Christmas brings true holiday joy to the Lifeline Dog Rescue staff.

The last two months were a difficult time for Murphy. Weimaraners become very attached and like being close to their human family, and may suffer from separation anxiety in a matter of hours. It becomes worse when they are separated for a period of days, or longer. Here’s Murphy the Weimaraner’s history.

Months ago the owner faced a dilemma in anticipation of a new job offer and moving out of state. Keeping Murphy was not an option. Rather than surrender their dog to animal control and leaving his fate in the hands of strangers, an acquaintance agreed to accept Murphy into their family.

Without notice or contact with the original owner, the new family had a change of heart about Murphy, and he was subsequently surrendered to a Weimaraner rescue group. Most dogs including Weimaraners can adjust to new situations.

Not long after arriving at the other Weimaraner rescue group. we agreed to foster Murphy at Lifeline Dog Rescue.

In the last two weeks during his stay with us, standard procedure for requesting past veterinarian records turned up the name of the original owner. He was, needless to say, stunned that Murphy had been surrendered.

The good news bad news is the job offer out of state fell through, and they would not be moving. The owner had been reluctant to call the friend who first agreed to take in Murphy, or disrupt his new life, and only learned the truth through the contact by Lifeline Dog Rescue.

What a win-win situation for everyone! Last Sunday the owners of Lifeline Dog Rescue took Murphy to his original owner for an emotional, tearful, and heartfelt reunion.

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