Adopted : Male English Pointer Dog Zippy

adopted male english pointer zippy

Adopted Male English Pointer Zippy

This purebred male English Pointer dog, Zippy, a 9 year old and happy former hunting dog, was adopted in 2012 from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

This purebred English Pointer is a happy laid back dog, and likes cats, dogs, children, or strangers, plus car rides, travel, walking and swimming.

Details for This Lifeline Dog Rescue Pet

Dog Name: Zippy
Breed: English Pointer, Purebred
Gender: Male-neutered
Size: Medium
Color: Chocolate and White
Age: 9 years

Zippy Adoption and New Life

Zippy was adopted by a couple from Georgia, and now has 2 playmates named Dixie and Tipsy. Dixie is an 11 year old German Shorthair and Tipsy is a 4 year old Shepherd Mix. Zippy, at 9, becomes the middle brother.

His new human parents picked Zippy because of age, compatibility with current pets, and felt he needed a stable environment to be well loved and cared for during his senior years. Similar to the Lifeline Dog Rescue property where dogs roam freely and play, his new home has a 2.5 acre fenced area to romp and enjoy plus a pool including a shallow end.

A big thank you to David and Sara for adding Zippy to your family and providing him with a wonderful forever home. We wish you and Zippy a long, happy and healthy life together in Georgia. Happy Tails, Zippy!

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Mobile: 863-582-2150
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