Adopted : Male Weimaraner Mix Zion

male weim mix zion family This Male Weimaraner Mix Zion has been ADOPTED from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

Zion came into rescue aged 3 years he was rescued from a local high kill shelter.

He was heart worm positive and was a last minute save from being euthanized.

Sadly, he was heart worm positive, but after treatment at Lifeline is healthy again.

Details for This Lifeline Dog Rescue Pet

Dog Name: Zion
Breed: Weimaraner Mix
Gender: Male-Neutered
Size: Large
Color: Yellow
Age: 3 yr

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Adoption and New Life for Zion

We brought Zion into Lifeline, placed him in foster care, and started his treatment to get him back healthy. Three months later Zion was pronounced heart worm negative he was once again healthy.

Zion was a great boy in rescue such a laid back boy very mellow and loved to be around humans. His demeanor never changed he was always a good boy and so handsome.

We placed Zion up for adoption but Zion took his adoption into his own paws. While he was in foster, the door was left ajar and he and his foster brother set out on adventure.

Zion was picked up by a lady driving early one morning. She put Zion in her car and called us after checking his microchip. We went to collect Zion and he was happy running in the yard with another dog.

Zion was a lucky boy! The lady that found him fell in love with him and his calm manner. We agreed to leave him with her for a one week trial period.

Needless to say he has never left his wonderful home. Zion was adopted the following week and his smiles just say it all; he is so happy.

Zion left Lifeline March 29, 2015. He now lives in Haines City Florida with his mom Caryn and shep mix sister Lady.

He has a beautiful yard to run and play, and he loves his new sister. His mom takes him out on her boat that is moored in the dock by her home.

Life is good for Zion; he has his own family and the security and stability he needed.

Lifeline is ecstatic that Zion has a wonderful forever home even if he did find it himself.

Thank you to Caryn for caring and adopting Zion making his life complete.

We wish you many years of Happy Trails and lots of special moments.

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Weimaraner Dog Digging in the Sand