Adopted : Male Blue Weimaraner Zach

male blue weimaraner zack portrait

Male Blue Weimaraner Zack Portrait

Zach is a 2 year old Male Blue Weimaraner. Zach has been ADOPTED from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

We rescued Zach from a home in North Florida where he was kept outside his entire life. Zach enjoys his new environment of a loving foster home where he is adored. He now has a cozy bed to sleep on in the warmth.

Zach is friendly and a big lovable baby. He just loves all his new found attention.

Details for this Lifeline Dog Rescue Pet

Dog Name: Zach
Breed: Blue Weimaraner
Gender: Male-Neutered
Size: Large
Color: Blue-Grey
Age: 2 Years

More Photographs of the Male Blue Weimaraner Zach

male blue weimaraner zack playing

Male Blue Weimaraner Zack Playing

male blue weimaraner zack laying down

Male Blue Weimaraner Zack Laying Down

Comments: Zach is friendly and has lots of energy. he loves to run for the ball. He is also very happy snuggling up to you on the sofa. Zach is a ‘Velcro Boy’. He is very loving, a big baby that just loves attention. We don’t know how he survived the first 2 years of his life with very little human contact.

Zach will blossom with the right interaction. He gets along with all other dogs, large and small. He loves the ladies!

Zach has a sweet temperament. He is a strong boy with plenty of muscles in his back legs from running in the woods for the first 2 years. Zach has adjusted well during his time with us. When we rescued him he didn’t even know how to climb stairs. It has been a battle introducing him to a new life, but we’re not giving up on our handsome boy. Zach as been introduced to a crate but as you can imagine he doesn’t like to be confined, he is not a crate dog. We are looking for a family who will not leave him for long periods.

He is intelligent and a good listener. Zach loves walks, he does pull a little on the leash. He especially loves to run free at the beach or a nature trail, he is simply magnificent in full stride. He enjoys car rides and is good in the car.

Zach would make a wonderful family dog with plenty of family interaction. It is essential for Zach’s new home to have a fenced-in yard and preferably another female dog for him to play with. Zach is a strong boy so we would recommend NO toddlers or small children. he may just knock them over. We would also state a cat-free home, we have not tested him around cats but he does have a prey drive to chase the birds.

View his pictures again and then consider adding Zach to your forever home. Zach is young in excellent health, and should make a fine addition to a new family.

All rescue dogs from Lifeline Dog Rescue ready for adoption have been microchipped, spayed or neutered, and are current on shots.

Visit the contact page to submit our online inquiry form to ask questions, or review the adoption process, and then complete the adoption request dog rescue form and apply to adopt male blue weimaraner zach.

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