Adopted : Female Purebred Lab/Retriever Kokolooka

kokolooka portrait

Kokolooka Portrait

This female purebred Labrador Retriever. Kokolooka, was rescued from a public shelter in Mississippi. She was transported to Florida where she was adopted in 2012 from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

Kokolooka is a beautiful calm girl who loves car rides, sleeping in your bed and playing with other dogs. She left Mississippi shelter along with 4 others for her long journey to Florida. The distance didn’t appear to upset Kokolooka, she arrived all smiles and wanting cuddles.

Details for this Lifeline Dog Rescue Pet

Dog Name: Kokolooka
Breed: Labrador Retriever, Purebred
Gender: Female-Spayed
Size: Large
Color: Chocolate
Age: 3 Years

Kokolooka Adoption and New Life

Kokolooka spent very little time at Lifeline before being adopted. We knew this stunner would not be around very long. She is a very happy girl with gorgeous eyes and a big smile.

Kokolooka passed evaluation for health and behavior immediately. She was available for adoption within one week. She was placed so quickly, she was never featured as adoptable on the Lifeline website, so we did not have time to do a complete photo shhot.

In less than 2 weeks, Kokolooka went from being caged and confused at a public kill shelter to the good life at her forever home in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. She enjoys walks, park activities, swimming, and most of all freedom to relax. Kokolooka has a new sister, a Sheltie called Noel to play with. She has a wonderful new life.

Thank you so much Kate and Darrell for giving this beautiful girl a wonderful forever home. We wish you and Kokolooka all the happiness in the world!

Fast Contact Connection
Mobile: 863-582-2150
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