Adopted : Male Weimaraner Dog Harley

adopted male weimaraner harley

Adopted Male Weimaraner Harley

This purebred male Weimaraner dog, Harley, is 8 years old, gray in color, and was adopted in 2012 from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

Harley came from Ohio as an owner surrender who specified that he be placed with a breed specific rescue organization.

Details for This Lifeline Dog Rescue Pet

Dog Name: Harley
Breed: Weimaraner, Purebred
Gender: Male-neutered
Size: Large
Color: Gray
Age: 8 years

Harley Adoption and New Life

Harley has been a celebrity of sorts at Lifeline Dog Rescue, and was adopted to his forever home in what we call a “foster failure”. Harley has joined the pack of family Weims of 2 of the 3 Lifeline owners, Chris and Denise Ridgeon. The formal paperwork and adoption fee were done in August 2012.

Harley arrived in Florida on a 16 leg ground transport journey from Ohio on 14 January 2012. He had a growth on one paw which tests proved benign, yet required months of rehab after surgery to get back to normal. He spent foster and rehab in the Ridgeon home in Central Florida.

Denise reports that Harley is still nervous going for a ride, and doesn’t want to exit if parked next to another vehicle. He obviously remembers being passed between 16 handlers on his road trip from Ohio.

Thanks go out to Denise and Chris for fostering Harley and saving him from another transition. He has proven himself worthy in behavior and temperament, and no one could argue one point. Harley has found the perfect forever home!

Fast Contact Connection
Mobile: 863-582-2150
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