Adopted: Chi-Min Pin Mix Choco

male chihuahua mix choco portrait

Male Chihuahua Mix Choco

This sweet loving 1 year old Chi-Min Pin Mix named Choco was adopted in November 2013 from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

Choco was rescued from a Florida high kill shelter on his last day.

Choco is very friendly and certainly a character. This little bundle of fun just got better and better during his stay at Lifeline.

Details for this Lifeline Dog Rescue Pet

Dog Name: Choco
Breed: Chi-Min Pin Mix
Gender: Male-Neutered
Size: Small
Color: Chocolate Tan White
Age: 1 Year

Choco’s Adoption and New Life

Choco was rescued from a Florida kill shelter. We were walking through the shelter and came across this little scared boy. His eyes were huge and he was trembling amongst all the larger dogs that were barking. We stooped down to give him a treat and carried on down the aisle. Upon walking back the little boy was still stood there. We are not a small dog rescue, all our dogs are on the larger side. We were confident this little boy would get out of the shelter shortly, that was until we saw his kennel card which showed he was set to be euthanized the following morning. There was no time left for him as it was already 4:30pm. So we went against our policy and brought this little boy into Lifeline.

Choco stayed in foster with several Weimaraners. He was so lovable and friendly and he would play with all the big dogs. By the time Choco was adopted he was a Weim in a Chi’s body. Choco was hilarious, he would tackle them all thinking he was a big boy, he ran, played and went everywhere in the car, he just loved to ride and look out of the windows.

Choco left Lifeline on the 21st November 2013 for his forever home. He now lives in Sarasota, Florida with his new mom and dad and a Min Pin Brother. He also has two beautiful Bengal Cats to play with. Recreation plans include plenty of walks and playtime. Choco’s new family made a swift decision to adopt him the minute they saw him. Choco was loved and adored during his stay with us. There was never a dull moment with this cute little boy, we miss him but are ecstatic he found his new home.

Thank you Cindi and Brian for adopting our sweet boy Choco and making his life complete. We wish you all many many Happy Trails.

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Mobile: 863-582-2150
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