Adopted: Male Purebred Weimaraner Cesar

Cesar Adopted

Cesar Adopted

Cesar is a stunning 10 month old Weimaraner Puppy. Cesar was adopted on March 2014 from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

He is a strong playful pup who just wants to be loved. Cesar was rescued from a situation on Craigslist.

Details for this Lifeline Dog Rescue pet

Dog Name: Cesar
Breed: Purebred Weimaraner
Gender: Male-Neutered
Size: Large
Color: Grey Blue
Age: 10 Months

Cesar’s Adoption and New Life

Cesar is a very handsome boy with the most beautiful temperament and a unique color.

Such a playful boy who just wants to be loved and included in family activities. Cesar will play and explore all day.

Cesar was listed as a free dog on craigslist. Cesar needed a better life, he had lived his first few months with his biological mom and dad. His human parents were going to keep him but Cesar became too much for them to manage.

We brought Cesar into Lifeline and had him fully vetted. We kept him occupied with playmates to ease his transition. He loved the beach and nature trails. Cesar was just a very happy boy.

Cesar was not with us for very long, he was adopted on 25th March 2014. Cesar’s new daddy who was working overseas came across Cesar’s Bio and emailed us instantly. He wanted his Wife to see Cesar, he thought he would be a good fit. They had recently lost one of their Weimaraners and his wife was grieving terribly. Janet was so depressed with her loss and her husband working away from home. Before finding Cesar, they had already put down a deposit on a puppy with a breeder who was expecting a litter.

We arranged to take Cesar to meet Janet and it was love at first sight. She absolutely adored him and there was no way Cesar was leaning her home. Robert even got to see Cesar through Skype.

Cesar now lives in Riverview, Florida, with his new Mommy, Daddy and 2 Weimy Sisters. He has all the love he needs, he has one to one attention and is learning daily. Cesar loves to go boating and just loves it when his Daddy is home from work. His Daddy still works overseas and Cesar is always at the airport to greet him. Cesar has a wonderful life, he is taken everywhere and he has brought so much joy back to his Mommy’s life. He is the apple of her eye. Lifeline is so happy for Cesar and his wonderful family.

Thank you so much Janet and Robert for opening up your hearts and home to adopt our precious boy Cesar. We wish you many years of happy trails and lots of special moments.

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Mobile: 863-582-2150
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