Adopted : Female Weimaraner Mix Callie

female weim mix callie family This Female Weimaraner Mix Callie has been ADOPTED from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

Callie came into rescue aged 6 months.

She and her sister were both placed in a Louisiana high kill shelter both were a last minute save.

They were on the to be euthanized list.

All were adopted.

Details for This Lifeline Dog Rescue Pet

Dog Name: Callie
Breed: Weimaraner Mix
Gender: Female Spayed
Size: Medium
Color: Brown with white
Age: 10 months

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female weim mix callie and mom female weim mix callie and brother

Adoption and New Life for Callie

Callie was rescued from a high kill shelter in Louisiana; she and her sister Abby were a last minute save.

The girls were adopted out when they were just weeks old as time progressed and they got older and more boisterous the adopters decided they were too much to handle and they took them both to the shelter.

We got them to safety by placing them in boarding for 3 days while we arranged transport to Florida. Both girls arrived at the end of November and we placed them both in foster care. A few days later Callie was ill and we took her to the vet only to discover that she had an infection which had escalated to an abscess after being spayed in Louisiana .

Callie had surgery and we brought her back to health. Callie playful and rather dominant towards her sister was a happy girl running and interacting with her foster brothers and sisters. After her surgery was healed we placed Callie for adoption.

We had several applications for Callie and we decided on one applicant that stood out above the rest. Callie left Lifeline March 28, 2015

She now lives in Winter Haven Florida with her new mom, dad and her new canine brother, an American Bulldog pup.

She has a nice yard to run and play and she loves her new brother.

Life is good for Callie; she has her own family and the discipline, security and stability she needed.

Lifeline is ecstatic that Callie has a wonderful forever home.

Thank you our foster team Kim and Brian for taking great care of Callie while she was with us in rescue.

A huge thank you to Vicki and Justin for adopting Callie and making her life complete

We wish you many years of Happy Trails and lots of special moments.

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