Adopted: Male Grey Weimaraner Puppy Bodhi

Bodhi Adoption

Bodhi Adoption

This Male Grey Ghost Weimaraner Puppy named Bodhi is a beautiful 12 week old pup and was adopted in February 2014 from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

Bodhi was one of 8 pups rescued in November 2013 from an owner that was overwhelmed when her Weimaraner girl became pregnant by her Male.

Details for this Lifeline Dog Rescue Pet

Dog Name: Bodhi
Breed: Purebred Weimaraner
Gender: Male-Neutered
Size: Small
Color: Grey
Age: 12 Weeks

Bodhi’s Adoption and New Life

Bodhi, a beautiful boy and one of 8 pups rescued in November 2013. Bodhi and his siblings came into Lifeline after his human mum was overwhelmed when her Weimaraner girl became pregnant by her Male Weimaraner. The pups came into Lifeline on Christmas Eve and they were all simply adorable.

Bodhi was the 4th pup to be adopted, he was also the biggest boy and liked to bully his litter mates. He just loves to play and explore. Bodhi stole the heart of one of the Weim community who had recently suffered the passing of her Weim. Bodhi left Lifeline to join his new family on the 8th February 2014.

Bodhi now lives with his new family in Richmond Hill, Georgia. He shares his home with Litter Mate Fenway. Bodhi has a wonderful caring family and all he needs to develop into a wonderful Weimy boy.

Thank you so much Lisa and John, for opening up your hearts and home to adopt our beautiful baby boy Bodhi. We wish you many years of Happy Tails and lots of special moments with your 2 boys.

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Mobile: 863-582-2150
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